IPO - 04 May

  • As you may have seen, a fresh batch of IPO players will be released tomorrow: https://footballindex.news/friday-4th-may-ipos/

    Is there anyone in there that people are liking the look of?

    Despite his age, Gomez might be interesting as a short term hold. Germany's top goal scorer in the European Championships. If new and wanting to take advantage of his initial offering, be warned: you cannot instant sell someone immediately after buying them, so make sure you only go for players where there will be some demand.

  • Does Agatello not do his IPO review anymore? Used to enjoy reading them.

  • @John-Renwick How's it going John. I didn't see the last set of IPO's until 9:30am on the day so didn't have chance to research them properly and to be honest they weren't up to much were they.

    I thought Gomez might get a little bit of interest being a big name and potential WC involvement but I think the market has got him priced about right in comparison to other Number 9's under a £1. I did pick some up myself but I'm not very hopeful on getting anything out of him tbh.

  • @Agatello yeah I used to love your views on the new IPO's. Just to see if they agreed or disagreed with my own. I didn't fancy Gomez as much myself so never bothered.

  • @John-Renwick I know what you mean, an aging number 9 is hardly hot property!

    It's going to be interesting when the WC Squad IPO's come out. I suspect the majority of the minnow squads will be out of league so only decent for the wildest of speculators. I'm hoping there'll be some cracking wildcard youngsters making the grade but not too optimistic.

  • @Agatello I know what you mean. Looking forward to doing a wee bit of research on them as they're IPO'd. Hopefully find a wee bargain somewhere.

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