Will players like reguilon, hendo go higher ? rate my port.

  • My port is only £100 worth. Reguilon is a LB, already £1.70, but if he goes to Spurs, he may get ruined. Henderson I accidentally bought 1 of but if he gets back in the liverpool team and starts producing , can go up.
    Everythings going up or down these days, more so down.!
    do you think in a few months, years, football index will take off, so its worth it.
    here's my port:


  • @hman543 look at the graphs for your holds from this time last year.

    The platform will continue to grow and most players will rise over time; I’m starting to think about this period as starting a fresh and I’m sure this time next year my profit figure will be something to be proud of again.

  • @Sav2000 yes, hopefully it does, so hopefully the prices of the players now aren't their concrete. I just can't imagine these nobody players I have now with potential being so high in price. Will donyell malen hit £3.50, maybe.
    Jules Kounde seems like a good player,
    Should i be selling players though like reguilon if he joins spurs? or henderson?

  • Depends why you bought these players, for long term divs and appreciation or short term profit
    Always have in mind why you are buying players and what kind of profit you are after mate! :)

  • Hoever should get a rise now - he's joining Wolves to play RWB (£10m)

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