What would you have FI do?

  • There are a lot of posts on here saying that FI need to step in to do something, but I just wondered what exactly? I can't really think of anything they could do to sort this mess out without causing even more issues further down the line. Just wondered what other people thought?

    So that this can remain constructive, let's not have any arguments as to whether there is an issue or not and whether FI should step in. There is already plenty of posts discussing that. Let's start this one with the assumption that things are bad and that FI should so something and just see what people can come up with.

  • I want them to do nothing other than announce when we will have bid depth / nasdaq tech.

    Then piss off and leave the product alone for a few years and give us the yearly div increase...

  • Firstly to grasp an understanding of their own product. Then:-

    Depth, Nasdaq tech and an increase of the lowest 300 offers deciding the buy price (either increase the number of shares or take the average from a midway offers point).

  • Slightly controversial but drop all this nonsense and revert the platform to how it was a year ago.
    Trying to make it a stock market type product isn't appealing to those that first invested a year ago.
    If it's not broke don't fix it and if there are concerns that player prices are too high, just offer share splits along the way.

  • Aside from the obvious tweaks that need to be made to order books (such as market depth), people need to see consistent value in dividends throughout the market, not just the top 200, for the whole thing to stabilize.

    One idea which i think would benefit the growth of the whole market both long term and short term could include a dividend where players earn a nominal dividend simply for getting minutes on the pitch (could be around £0.01/90 or something similar),alternatively there could be a flat rate dividend for appearing on the pitch for the winning team. I really think this could help to resolve alot of the volatility , especially at the lower end of the market, which should provide stable foundations throughout.

    Obviously one part of the market that would suffer as a result of that is all players outside of non-pb leagues, who everyone would quickly sell to get on pb league players. Whilst this would create issues for some, im sure many portfolios only hold a small % of non PB players anyway so its likely the people would benefit overall.

    Whilst were on the topic and maybe this would be too much for FI to implement immdeiately but- why not just get rid of Non-pb players altogether? All they do is create a market where there are far too many players compared to who can actually win dividends, much of it is a dead money which could be used to boost where this is actually value in the market currently. On top of this, if there is only a finite number of players in circulation it will not only be easier for FI to make changes to the platform but also eliminates leakages in equity.

    Get rid of PB players?

  • Get some bloody market makers in ASAP they need liquidity right now while the season is starting, its fucking obvious.
    No depth at all.



    NON*-PB players i meant haha

  • Banned

    This exactly.

    I am not even fussed about the market depth thing, not enough people will understand it enough to make a difference.
    But certainly with regards to leaving things be.

    They fucked up and users took the pain, but prices shouldn't drop too much more. New money will mop up, they just need to leave us to it now.

  • @LJINDEX said in What would you have FI do?:



    NON*-PB players i meant haha

    Ah right.

    That confused me.

    I think with hindsight the French league was a mistake. There are too many players in general and maybe they should have just had the top 4 leagues. Not much you can about it now though.

  • Banned

    @SDOAFIT once they start removing retired players etc, and expiring three year old shares, that should go a long way towards that. Certainly an argument for getting rid of players in non pb leagues but not sure how you do that without screwing over people and making more problems

  • @Tom77
    Exactly this!
    What the f**k are they actually doing. Spreads getting as big as pre-order books and zero depth in the market.
    Traders still have money tied up in players they don't really want to hold.
    Once rid of these. Traders WILL trade!

    Do not imagine that a birthday deposit bonus will resolve things.
    It will be the usual players getting bought and offer very little liquidity to the majority of the market.

  • Honestly I would just issue some comms.

    If they are having a deposit bonus do it now. If they aren't say there isn't going to be one. Suspect there is a lot of people not putting money in because they expect a deposit bonus.

    Then pick a player. Let's say neymar. Give his dividend yield projected onto the new div tables. Spell out that if he maintains his form he will return his price in x number of seasons regardless of anything else. Post their finances make it clear that there are no issues paying dividends so there is no rational reason whatsoever to be selling him at this price.

    I don't care who it is... Play the IV game and make it abundantly clear that regardless of sell prices and so on, as bets these are very good value bets.

    They just need some of the big players rising. Sancho to united resurrected would probably do it. All that stuff about stretching the market is true but so is the reverse.

  • @MrWh1te said in What would you have FI do?:

    @SDOAFIT once they start removing retired players etc, and expiring three year old shares, that should go a long way towards that. Certainly an argument for getting rid of players in non pb leagues but not sure how you do that without screwing over people and making more problems

    I don't think you can.

    You can just stop putting new ones in. Although there will always be new Phillip maxes.

  • I think for me, apart from changing the 300, it's more what they could have done. I think it would have been better to have waited a few weeks to get the tech in a better state, rather than rush it for the start of the season. Either fully fleshed out tech or MM ready to go would have really helped. Preferably both, but I think either one could have reduced the fall. I'm not worried about prices rebounding, the div increase will help that and we will be in a very good place in 12 months time, once we get some big whales and MM doing their thing on NASDAQ tech. I am very confident in fact. But I am a bit frustrated that the platform has taken quite a hefty reputation hit (nothing it cant recover from, but a hit nonetheless) from something that could have been prevented, or at least minimised with a bit more care and patience.

  • Show bid depth
    Change the lowest 300 offers dictating value
    Stop cash balance disappearing when placing bids
    Suspend the market if the above cannot be implemented within 48 hours before further damage is done.

    And definitely no deposit bonus.

  • What they shouldn't have done is remove IS before Order Books. That money now needs to find it's way back into the market quick. The longer it goes on the worse it gets

  • @GDS i expect them to do nothing other than give us depth of orders. For those worried about player values maybe FI should display their upper issuance price on each player to allow people to see a players worth above the trader offers

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor the 300 average wont be a problem once we have depth of orders as you will be able to see what the affects of yhose 300 selling will have on price

  • It’s funny how when FI were liable for IS they froze the market during COVID to protect ‘our’ portfolios.

    Now that liability has been shifted firmly over to the user base they are quite happy to sit back and watch the market to go into free fall as a result of their own actions.

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