• Anyone got any news on Gimenez? Has dropped fairly sharply this evening for no reason that I can deduce...

  • Yeah I've been affected by this.
    Assume one big holder sold up or perhaps a group of people sold up together.
    I was affected by Lovern as well last night.
    I also have Isco who is falling day on day for no reason.
    Overall my portfolio is up but seriously considering cashing up and taking my money and closing my account

  • I can see why they are all falling. Comrade the index might not be right for you if after a few drops your going to want to leave. Not every trade is a profitable one. Two of those players are not going to be worth much till next season. Can see little good trf news in both. Volatility is coming to market and if your struggling with the index this may be the best time for you to sell up and maybe get back in or go to something else.

    Isco is tricky think you got in at the wrong end of a big rise. Now it looks like Bale is leaving and other players are catching him up of similar quality. Has potentially to shoot up with trf news and got wc mind where he could star. Still a little bit of a mixup with Real until everyones future is decided.

  • @toaster-poster
    I've calmed now mate was just pissed off.
    I'm enjoying it but just annoyed me that big trader/ group working together have so much influence.
    As the platform grows though this should be less of a problem

  • @toaster-poster I fully expect him to edge lower as we head into the summer but just found the sharpness of the drop a bit strange. No bother, I shall top up :)

  • Think you need to think bigger scale - longer term into future and past - I'm learning this too. Isco has risen hugely over the last few months, not fallen. You may have bought in at a bad time, that happens, learn from it for next time. He'll rise and fall again over a 3 year period so don't panic. Hope you can keep enjoying the index and make money overall long term!

  • @NewUser108933 Precisely why I bought Gimenez, fallen from a 1.46 high so looks good value to me at 1.2, even better at the 1.13 he bottomed at

  • I've tried to up vote your comments folks but it isn't working.
    I've only been on just over a month so still getting to grips with all of this.
    Up around 6/7 % so far
    Not great but not bad

  • Yeah I think Isco at £4+ was a bit overvalued. A lot of people will be creaming great profit on him and good on them. Players won't go up forever. Yes he has the world cup and yes he has transfer spec, but so do a lot of other players who are much, much cheaper than him. Comparatively he's poor value and the traders selling him are perhaps thinking "I wouldn't buy him at that price".

    Lovren is still much higher than he has been for the majority of the season. Most of the money that went into him recently will have been for the treble PB in the CL. He didn't win last night so some people sold. He may rise again just before the final but after that he's probably of no value until next season.

    Gimenez is similar to Lovren in that he's still much higher than he has historically been and got a bump for playing in EL. Difference is he has some transfer spec so if you still believe in him, take the opportunity to top up if you can.

    I don't think there's any evidence of big traders working together with regards to these movements.

  • @Jazzman Historical charts are, not redundant, but not all that useful as there's been so much cash injected into the market over the last 6 months and will hopefully continue for the next 6. Therefore it's impossible to tell what a player's long term support level is

  • @Blue-Python ^ this. It’s so difficult to predict ceilings because the platform itself will grow (hopefully) with the World Cup advertising campaign and general spread of the index.

  • @Blue-Python I agree that it's impossible to tell, but we've got to try and predict it best we can though right? I think a big factor with the new money is that it clearly hasn't been evenly distributed. A huge portion has gone to the top end players. If a player has no value then no one will buy him no matter how many buyers there are in the market. Whilst the market grows, the gap between the cheapest and the most expensive is just going to get bigger rather than the whole market getting a lift. This however is just my theory and could well be total bs.

    In Lovrens case though he was 62p at the start of April so I wouldn't be surprised to see him fall back to that during the summer.

  • Get Lucas Hernandez over Gimenez !! his PB scores are historically better i believe...

  • @AndyP32 Have both :)

  • @Blue-Python nice one, everyone will be following your trait soon !!

  • @Comrade you need to put perspective on it. Where else will you earn 6% in a year let alone a month?

  • @Noirx4 Amazon stock? :P

  • Big fan of Gimenez. Young and learning from one of the best in Godin. Clean sheet after clean sheet for Atletico. Not sure why he is so cheap. I have 50 shares and will top up.

  • I think it's interesting to think about the new money simply buying the top players as opposed to 'rising tide' lifting all boats.

    Take a player like Raphael Varane who is priced currently at £1.35. Please correct me if I am wrong but he has not picked up any media buzz or performance dividends over the last season (and yet he could win his 4th champions league under 25 and lead the French defense in Russia).

    The point is, new money in the market I guess would not buy this player. There is nothing to support his price in terms of an investment.

  • I guess my main question is, what is supporting the £1.35 price in the market?

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