end of the player hold ?

  • Just wondering peoples thoughts... was, and still am, open minded on the new order book platform. However has this kind of killed the player hold potential. I know the main focus for many is dividends etc and with the spread reducing which is good in many ways has also lead to big daily swings on players as i feel the shorter swing has encouraged the player flip now one they have played as opposed to buying for long term, the previous larger spread made the flipping of players 'less attractive'...... thoughts anyone ?

  • @NewUser179128

    Long term holds & farming dividends are still the safest strategy IMHO, however, the current 5x IPD promotion has encouraged far more IPD trading but also recycling those long term holds to be IPD eligible to add extra value. This short term flipping coupled with a lack of market depth on top of the transition to OB's has meant a massive increase in price volatility.

    Given this was also the first time since Feb/Mar that many had a chance to get out of their holds at anything approaching a decent spread it has resulted in the recent market carnage, which has clearly damaged trader confidence. Once the nervous sellers have finally been allowed to get their money out, football gets into full swing & dividends start to feed through then holding players will become attractive again & those who persevered will reap the reward. It may take a few months but equally could kick in next week, especially when FI announce some sort of 5th Birthday promotion.

  • I don't speak with the same knowledge as some of the more experienced on here but the current IPD promotion is soooo attractive to short term betting.

    Once this is over and it goes to normal IPD's I think it will calm down a bit. Let's hope so anyway

  • yes kind of what ive been thinking aswell then.
    like i say i am positive outlook for the index and i am a 'holding' longer term type of indexer and so thoughts are, regardless what is happening now i have bought players i feel are future dividend winners and in turn if they are then price will naturally increase again because of performances.

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