Do FI need more staff?

  • As most people here think FI are in a very strong financial position surely they can afford more staff to get better at communication, some more people monitoring the market at all times and sort out all the niggling issues with the app and website?

  • You'd think so wouldn't you, and I've no idea how many they actually employ, but it certainly doesn't feel like enough. With the EDD checks through to the tech side of things to the clearly deficient comms, it just feels very stretched as an organisation to me.

    Which if so, shows just what a terrific a job they've actually done to get FI this far and this succesful! (Stop sniggering at the back). Credit where its due for that I think, but more resources would certainly help everyone here.

  • @Tom7471 I'd say from what we've from FI in terms of miscommunication, conflicting information and constant techincal glitches are beyond a little embarrassing tbh 🤦‍♂️ and shows they either need more training or further staff. By now staff should be able our questions easily without frustrating us further and technical implementations always come with issues which albeit do tend to get sorted relative quickly are still painful.

  • The fish stinks from the head, so goes an old Hungarian saying. I’d say the leadership at FI towers needs sorting and by sorting I mean taking the quick route down from the top floor. Get some proper experienced heads in familiar with financial markets and gambling.

  • @Luke Part of me agree's, part of me wonders if thats part of the problem.

    Didnt FI just have some guys join who have backgrounds in gambling?

  • all you gotta do is look how long footstock has been running for as far as im aware they have had zero problems either paying out or anything else ..the tournaments are always prepared on time,no errors to do with cards or packs its all spot on and i get the feeling its a much smaller company than FI just my opinion
    cant speak for anyone else just going by my experience

  • They advertised and brought in a Comms Officer. Expect Comms to improve, but won't be instant.

  • @Leighton I think it's about 64, according to that Sunday Times tech table

  • Yes they do.

    Only around 6% of players have a bio and Zlatan's says he is at Man Utd.

    Customer Service still haven't replied to me re why Neymar's MB points were removed when the negativity and racist accusations came from an on pitch incident.

    Christ knows how many PB eligible players need to be IPO'd.

    Somebody on another thread mentioned how they're in profit within 5 years which is amazing for a young company. Of course they are, they pay out around a tenner a month on their staff wages bill!!!

  • @Lukeroro yeah as was said before they have 64 staff currently on there books and they had a big team of IT staff brought in to make the matching engine.

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