Birthday Bonus

  • Whilst the falls we've seen over the last few days are clearly due to issues with order books - could people awaiting a net buys bonus later in the month for FIs 5th birthday also be stifling demand for players?
    If there is a deposit bonus, I think the rises would be bigger than we have ever seen before and in 99% of cases allow FI to mint new shares in all players.

  • Yep happens every year.

    Plus ipos coming.

    Not sure we will see a big rise overall with a bonus as although those that were desperate to get out have/are, I think there will be quite a few waiting for any market spike to sell too.

    Hopefully more buyers than sellers, but just got a feeling there's a lot still looking to get out.

    After that, we must be nearing the harder mo ey that will create the bedrock for the marketing campaign to start growth again.

  • How much was the bonus previously?

  • 10% on net purchases up to a £1k max sounds familiar.
    I'm sure they've been higher and lower promotions during the 5 years though.

    10% up to £5k would be interesting.
    £5k - 5 years?

  • @Dronny-Gaz what date is the birthday?

  • @howsthebacon said in Birthday Bonus:

    what date is the birthday?

    B’day Bonus 21st Sept 2018, 24th Sept 2019 (£10k@10% + £10k@5%) were the last couple of years.

  • @RManny23

    24th Sept 2019 (£10k@10% + £10k@5%)

  • The actual B'day is vague. Like most things on here! 😁

  • Hmm got a bit of money in the balance from when I sold off a chunk of my port during Sunday. Trying to time my reinvestment well so might hold out. I have a feeling they might delay it slightly this year and use it to counteract a likely drop at the end of September - that being said, can't drop much further than it is now surely (well..we all know it can).

  • @Dronny-Gaz So is it purchases or deposits?

    If I make for example £500 in purchases from dividends, rather than deposit new money - does this qualify?

  • I don't think so.
    Otherwise trader x would deposit £10k, sit on it, take the £1k bonus and then withdraw.
    Or is that just me? 😉
    Net spends I believe.

  • @Number5 said in Birthday Bonus:

    So is it purchases or deposits?

    It used to be just deposit but recently has been net spend (for the obvious reason @Dronny-Gaz Gaz points out), so yes dividend funded spend does count.

  • @Geronimo159387 So if you sell a player to raise funds, that goes against your net £1k spend. It would have to be money raised from deposit/dividends/cash balance?

  • I think they're trying to move away from predictable birthday bonuses. The market normally stagnates as people withdraw money/stop depositing waiting for the bonus which has a negative impact on the market. I'm pretty certain FI weren't going to do a birthday Net Spends bonus this year because of the impact it had on the market last year, but with the state of the market now, they need to do something.

  • I can't see one happening this year and don't want to see one either in the current climate - those with cash are getting 10% discounts every few days anyway.

    Save one for when confidence is restored - otherwise it will just fuel even more withdrawals.

  • @Number5

    Usually it starts at midnight on the day they announce it (could that be this Friday??) but any sales prior aren't included.

    Just deposits + cash balance + dividends (all spent) Less any sales = Net spend.

  • @Westy Can you help me understand why IPOs will help the market? The way I see it it'll mean people sell current holds to invest in new ones? What am I missing as I've seen this said a few times.

  • @Geronimo159387 said in Birthday Bonus:


    Usually it starts at midnight on the day they announce it (could that be this Friday??) but any sales prior aren't included.

    Just deposits + cash balance + dividends (all spent) Less any sales = Net spend.

    But then again doesn't this open the opportunity to invest in say easy GK for Saturday matches sell and cash out and pocket the bonus and the growth.

    Wouldn't it be better to do on a Sunday so there are more orders on the market for the people cashing out after games at least!

  • @Toptom

    I suspect that they will time it across perhaps the whole of October to help stabilise the current market volatility but who knows! Doesn't affect me as I won't be depositing again, as I'm not prepared to trigger yet another EDD financial interrogation, despite already passing it THREE times in just 2 years - I simply don't need the hassle it involves. Whilst I strongly believe in the platform & it's future prospects & that currently there are more great value opportunities than at anytime in my 2 years+ & I certainly won't be selling up.

    The fact that as a massive platform advocate I can no longer be persuaded to deposit further, even with a generous deposit bonus, just demonstrates how badly FI have misjudged their responsible gambling & tier one operator DD checks. The current management are in need of replacement IMO as they are clearly out of their depth & the constant self inflicted damage that their decisions are having on platform confidence is no longer acceptable IMHO. The product is fantastic, potentially world beating but the platform is being seriously mismanaged at present IMO.

  • @Geronimo159387 This is another reason why deposit bonuses will not be effective moving forward - You should no longer pile money in if you haven’t got the full paper trail you may need to get it out again.

    Gone are the days of no questions asked - even many who have withdrawn recently may think twice about re-depositing when the grass seems greener in fear of intensive EDD checks.

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