Moukoko's stunning punts

  • Two of the longest of long shots for anyone with the balls to hold them(not me)

    Ronnow - Kevin Trapp may be off to Rennes, leaving a fight between ronnow and wiedwald for no 1 spot. Could be picking up a very cheap first choice goalkeeper if planets align

    Shomko - current buy price 29p, sell price showing 11p. I expect Astana to qualify for the Europe league tonight. Erm...he scored a goal in last season's europa

  • @Moukoko
    I picked up Ronnow for 14p in July. He played a few times last year when Trapp was injured so fancied him as a long term hold. Think he’ll get game time at EF or elsewhere. Not heard of the other fella, I’ll have a look. 👍

  • Misread the thread title and thought, here we go again, someones having a pop at good ol mr w 🤣🤣

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