Genius or idiot. Is it all by design

  • Have FI deliberately crashed the market to to get the Nasdaq order books up and running
    My reasoning start with the divided increase that disappointed everyone except goalkeeper holders.
    PB players were driven up in the belief of 100% increase in dividends but were let down with just a couple of p increase. Goalkeepers got there own dividends so the market was still pushed up over 2000 points. Due to people buying keepers. Keepers would of been worthless in the OB system if there was no dividend for them.
    If they had doubled the dividends then goalkeepers I believe would not of been the main gainers of the day.
    People were disappointed but they still made a packet on goalkeepers.
    Prices started to drop. They then announced the second review that led to the 100% increase in player divs. Which I believe was always part of there plan. They must of done the maths on this before as the liability’s on this increase is to big to of just decided to done it.
    The market jumped again. Everyone thought FI were great for listening. FI made a packet again

    OB came in and the only market maker “FI”
    We all started to realise that if there not a guarantor to buy the shares back then maybe there not as valuable as we all thought.

    Crashing the market has not dented FI profits if anything it’s made them more valuable as there liabilities has massively reduced
    They now want professional MM’s to move in to the market to take there place.
    But why would they until they see value in the market which I think is starting to happen.

    Apparently there has been about 150mil pumped into the market since its inception. I would assume the market is worth far less then this now

    FI have pissed a lot of people of but I still Think there are some great profits to be made on here. Some people will never forgive them and will leave but they will be quickly replaced with new joiners.

    The Nasdaq OB has the potential to make this a global product which will make us all rich.

    So my advice is hold your nose forgive FI and start buying there’s some great bargains to be had

  • @NewUser218220 said in Genius or idiot. Is it all by design:

    Have FI deliberately crashed the market

    Far more likely to be incompetence/mismanagement & fundamentally failing to understand what drives the (any) market. Fear & greed drive prices & sentiment represents the balance between these two competing forces whilst it can be strong & often brutal it is also fragile & easily destroyed, as recent events have demonstrated. It's pretty clear that FI do not understand this fundamental building block of the platform.

    I have long suspected that the current FI senior management have taken the product as far as their abilities will allow & I now believe that they should allow a far more professional, competent & suitable team to take over the reins to drive the platform forward. They currently seem to be doing more harm than good which is unacceptable & is inflicting possibly permanent reputational damage to a fantastic product.

  • @NewUser218220

    Did you have the same dream as me last night mate? 🤣

    I had my light bulb moment this morning and agree with everything you said.

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