Saka and Havertz

  • I'm 3 months into my FI life and made what I thought were sound purchases in Saka and Havertz, didn't buy at the top of the market by any means.

    I am struggling with trying to understand why these two in particular continue to drop like a stone while other players of a similar profile are recovering.

    I realise how naive I sound, I'm not complaining I just want to understand.

    I have no intention in panicking, I've sold nothing since OB launched and I'm in it for the long term, just need some words of wisdom from those of you who 'get' this more than I do!


  • @GoonerFI2020

    Saka looked a world beater last year with most assists for an 18 year old or whatever the exact stat was (& may well still be) but hasn't featured much yet this season, so has slipped as others take the limelight. I don't hold him personally but if he can replicate or improve his form of last season he should rise again.

    Havertz has long been seen as a great player but has only just moved so may take a period of settling in to a new team/league/country etc. I do hold & have high hopes he can show his best at Chelsea but might be another slow burner, given the array of talent they seem to be stockpiling.

  • @Geronimo159387 Thanks for the thoughts, all valid. It could all change after the weekend of course if Saka gets minutes and Havertz scores his first goal. I doubt we will see the crazy leaps we saw post lockdown for people like Greenwood for a while though.

    That said I wonder why these guys are getting dumped as both are huge future stars.

  • Hold Havertz but not Saka. Saka probably wont get as many minutes as last season with Willian but I do think Saka could be a quality player. Havertz wasn't at his best against Brighton but watching the game he was playing RM which isn't his position. For some reason Lampard preferred to play RLC in the CAM role over Havertz which is just crazy. Give both of them time and they will be good bets

  • I think Havertz is doubtful for next game ( according to fantasy football) so could be people getting out as no longer earning 5*ipd?

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