Development suggestions...

  • Hi everyone.

    I've been using the app and the site for a month or so now. I find the app a little less useful overall than the site or the mobile site, are there plans to develop the app further?

    • TouchID for the iphone might be good as it does request a pin everytime you leave the app.

    • Watchlist - this doesn't seem to be an option on the app?

    For the main site (and app if possible). How about adding a function to be able to reorder the list on your portfolio? I have some long-term futures and shorter term ones, it would be easier if they could be grouped together. If you could reorder (drag and drop or something) you could move the longer term ones to the top of the list for example and everything else would be at the bottom (or vice versa)

    Just some thoughts.


  • @conkersimon Couldn't agree more. Touch ID is needed, and the watch list never works for me, and I think it could be a great addition to the Index when done properly. I think they did say they were aware of the situation though but have so many other things to focus on before sorting that, so no doubt it will be sorted eventually.

  • @AndyH I also think it could benefit from a refresh balance button as it often doesn't update once you have sold futures, especially on the app. You end up having to logout and then back in.

  • another thing which is a little strange, if you add someone to the watchlist on the app - they are not on the watchlist on the desktop version.

  • @conkersimon I didnt know you could see the Watchlist to the app? (I have the iPhone version so maybe you cant)

  • Would be great to be able to access this forum too (via the app I mean)

  • Managers on the index would be great

  • I think you could also include the ability to export transactions. If you trade a lot, it's difficult to keep tabs of how much money has been deposited, how much you have paid in fees etc to get a true read of performance.

  • @LukeRiley Sorry Luke, I meant if you add them to watchlist via the site, but on your phone. Weirdly the iOS web version doesn't seem to be in sync with the desktop version

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