6 month player pump fest

  • Have put five bags in to take advantage of some of these low prices.
    May need to withdraw it in 6 months time.
    Looking to spread it over 5-6 players who are more towards the safe end of the spectrum... less of the speculative.
    People, hit me with your recommendations!

  • @TotalPunt
    You’re probably going to have to look more top end.


    Slightly left field

    I only hold 3 of the above so not a pump of my own holds

  • @TotalPunt said in 6 month player pump fest:

    Have put five bags in to take advantage of some of these low prices.
    May need to withdraw it in 6 months time.
    Looking to spread it over 5-6 players who are more towards the safe end of the spectrum... less of the speculative.
    People, hit me with your recommendations!

    I’ve done something similar.
    I’ve topped up on previous holds and I predominantly chase dividends. Here’s a few of the ‘safer’ trades I’ve made:

    • kimmich
    • messi
    • hakan calhanoglu
    • Rodrigo de Paul (as long as he stays in Italy),
    • Alberto from lazio or Fabian Ruiz
    • Vvd or Maguire (both underpriced right now)
    • Alphonso Davies or Pavard
    • kimpebe (if you can snap him under 90p)

  • @Sav2000 I bought quite a few Cherki on Monday and he has potential for a start tonight I think. Also have Neymar and not ready to put more into him right now. Got some Gouiri too, he is a real talent and may need to top up at that price 👍🏻
    TAA defo is on the list and Mbappe seems to have strong market sentiment right now... two solid shouts

  • Hakan at Milan.
    De licht at juventus
    Robertson at Liverpool
    I’m shopping at sub 3 quid for a while yet and those 3 look very solid to me at the moment .

  • One per major league for you @TotalPunt

    Prem - Pogba - price has plummeted from £8 plus, 30%-40% gains to be had easily, plus Euros next year. He's great for media divs too with a PBA average of 142.
    France - Aouchiche - PB MID win last night. Young brilliant midfielder. He could and likely will sore in price this year, soon as the market settles after the order books fallout. Yearly PBA of 142!!
    Spain - Parejo. At Villareal now, he is a PB beast. Around £1.25 per share I think. He is 31, it doesn't matter, he's worth every penny. Assists, penalties, free kicks, he's got the lot for the Matrix scoring. Yearly PBA is 145!!
    Germany - Sven Bender. Another PB beast, he'll start every game, cheap defender, he's got he odd goal in him too. Yearly PBA is 140!!!
    Italy - Piccini at Atalanta is their new attacking right back. He's a punt as he is unproven but if he plays like Castagne used to do before the Leicester move he could be great value for price increases and div returns plus they have champions league this season too.

    Hope this helps dude, stay breezy

  • @BMCG Robertson is defo on the list. I think he is going to be a beast this season and will benefit if TAA can't find his form quickly.

  • @FI_Yoda Still have Parejo after buying him in his 'dip' at £2.29 🥴

    Is he on set pieces at Villareal? Didn't get his usual high PB in the first game but haven't seen any of the game.

  • @TotalPunt
    I was and still am TAA biggest fan however robbo has been given corners on his side this season... Thiago is gonna take some free kicks ... robbo will probably benifit from media changes and taa is off form.
    QED their prices are too far apart and robbo now has a fair fight in getting his share of pb ..... also think he will be a benificiary of team of the month as he plays every minute of every game more or less.

  • I'd consider one of;


    All young players whom have a higher risk/reward base but I expect good things from all of them this season. (Dest might struggle for game time though at Bayern)

  • My safe options would be gks in Europe that are also going to the euros. Courtois, de gea, donarumma are my picks because of age. But also for older gks you have neuer, hradecky, lloris and Sommer. If bought now most of these could make 7.5-15% divs with a clean sheet ipd before end of september. Some have been high on the previous pb charts so chance of winning matchday and totm divs. And if you want to withdraw in 6 months this would be perfect timing as these gks will be popular if still in Europe and if people are setting up their ports for the euros.

  • @TotalPunt Yes mate. Shame about the dip dude but stick with him. To be honest i'd buy more and dilute your overall share price in your portfolio, bring him back into the green. He'll play till he is 35. Technically he's a genius.

    Whats interesting about him is that yes he's moved clubs but not to just any club!! Villarreal and Valencia DO NOT GET ON. He'll have a lot to prove, he'll dominate in that Villarreal team.

  • Safer- Maddison+Chilwell
    More speculative- Tonali+Felix
    Total Norwich bias- Buendia
    Or basically anyone you fancy right now is probably good value.

  • @TotalPunt I was a little disappointed when he didn't take their penalty the other day.

  • @TotalPunt hold Robertson and already got some assists IPD and a healthy cap app. Helps that he holds his price during the crash as he's such good value and people seem confident holding him long term.

  • @FI_Yoda do you have Adil's IS?

  • @howsthebacon £2.60 IS right now pal

  • @FI_Yoda Got in at 2.66 in the end - he's already 2.7 on IS now feel like there's a morning rise coming. I've done my tactic of buying a small amount and monitoring his IS and slowly topping up when I feel it's low. Young players like him should fluctuate over the season but I imagine within the 3 year bet he'll be hitting 4 or 5 pound fingers crossed

  • @howsthebacon Nice one pal. He has had previous interest in him from the Premiership too, Arsenal I believe. Hoping for big things from him this year and like you say, a £5/6 player in the making with a little luck.

  • Loads of value in the Bundesliga and Serie A at the moment... I try and buy sub £2ish that I think are in with a decent shot at divs.. A few off the top of my head that spring to mind are Hakan, Barrow, Pulgar, Vertout (if he has pens), Angelino, Demirbay, Amiri, Verdi, Hofman, M Thuram, Akanji (as cheap alternative to Guerriro), Krameric, Bensebani, Neuhaus...

    One who I think looks decent value in the prem who I have offers on is Mahrez, but always subject to pep roulette

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