Salzburg the new Monaco?

  • Remember last season when Monaco had a strong European cup run and then pretty much every single one of their players was consistently transfer linked for the whole summer? I see the Salzburg situation being pretty similar. For full disclosure I don't hold any of them yet.
    Who are the main ones to invest in and why?

  • I don't hold any either, but I'd probably think about Berisha and Haidara first as they both have PL links and look like top players. Then Samassekou, and maybe Dabour.

    The link to Leipzig makes things interesting too, as even if they don't get PL moves they could move there and at least be in PB league. They will need to replace Keita and Samassekou is a very similar player apparently (Haven't seen much myself). Unfortunately none of these players will get World Cup exposure though.

  • @Jazzman

    Good point with the Leipzig link.

    I believe over 9 players have gone from RB Salzburg to RB Leipzig in recent times, including potential world class players keita and Upamecano.

  • @johnboywalker Yeah Leipzig have done very well out of it. Sabitzer came from there too and I think is flying under the radar and a bit undervalued. If he can add a few more goals to his game he could see some real growth next season. There's been a few PL rumours also. Keeping my eye on him...

  • @Jazzman

    Sadio Mane also played for RB Salzburg ...

    A production line of excellent players, and now they are actually getting media attention due to their performance in the Europa League. I can definitely see long term profit in several of their squad.

  • Salzburg were unlucky to lose it was blatantly not a corner for Marseille's 118th minute winning goal!

    Amadou Haidara was brilliant last night and not just for his worldy goal. Owen Hargreaves correctly said on commentary he was head and shoulders above any other player on the pitch. Linked with Spurs

    Valon Berisha won Mid PB (not for the first time) and looks a quality player. Linked with Liverpool, Newcastle, Leicester

    Diadie Samassekou is a solid DMC not great for PB but linked with Leipzig and Dortmund

    Munas Dabbur didn't have his best game last night but has been linked with Lazio, Fiorentina and Lyon so is likely to be in a PB league next season

    Hee-Chan Hwang was surprisingly on the bench last night looked lively when he came on as sub. Has been linked with Spurs and Liverpool but I don't think he's on the index yet

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