Happy Friday Everyone?

  • Is it a happy Friday, can't make head nor tail of everything.......anyone else in the same boat or is it just me sailing off into the sunset?

    What a week it's been 'Brown Sunday' was horrible, not felt that emotion for a while....sat on the bog at 4 am in the morning, refreshing the port and seeing 'virtual' money drain away. Never going to do that again - not sure if leaving the wife, having to have the dog put down or seeing virtual cash drain away was the 2nd worst feeling in my life!!!!!!!

    We all handle things in our own way - I just moaned like fuck in the whatsapp group, did everyone's head in, then became an FI bi-polar person for a few days before settling down.

    Decided to start 'betting' again in terms of FI and have looked a week in-front and sank a couple of K into Wolves players with the rule for me to sell up if I can make a 15% return, if not - let it run for 30 days and then try to make 2% to cover the commission....thats how i'm going to treat the platform for now....and until I see a new pattern that fits my head-space - I'm not going back to 4 am Sunday morning...no sir.

    In real-life all is good, meeting this Monday to look at 'our' house thats being built - we got 5 layers of bricks and we are talking garden size, lighting and other shit....I just wanna know what I can build outside.

    I'm running the 60 mile race on Saturday so again if you have any coin to chuck at the charity - cheers, already 130% of target hit. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/barry-wilkinson9 It's going to be a tough race this weekend, as one of the lads I knew that inspired me a load for ultra running - actually topped himself after this race last year - its hard even typing it as I thought he was a strong un.....but we all have our cracks, thats why we need to ask people how they are - even the cocks we can't stand...someone likes and loves them....don't they!

    http://live.opentracking.co.uk/20hm60/?fbclid=IwAR2RCgaHUIAhRKs_xJLmEUGg6Tol9Mxs3ts83VpO-CMXmrtvjZGl8IF-M5o I am number 344 if you wanna watch some dots bobbing about come raceday.

    The Mrs has been smug - she was cool as a cucumber doing shift mi sen and every pair of pants I own Sunday.....she hit the instant sell button straight away - logged out for a few days and then a couple of days bought the following players..........


    Oliver Norwood - what the fucks she playing at?


    She's decided she wants a hot tub, a mini, or a camper van????? Make your mind up love eh, and buying people like Norwood's gonna get you a C-MAX never mind a Mini....women and football eh (thought i'd through that in the mix for you sexist twats).

    Laters all, happy Friday, take care of one another.

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