Stevie gee can he turn rangers around

  • Can you see rangers being an all out attacking force full if Liverpool youngsters I do think he is going to be a media sensation in England to I do think there are some good youngsters at good prices that can do well up there I hope he takes harry Wilson coz he reminds me of Danny Murphy

  • Gerrard taking over at Rangers is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. That man hasn't got a clue what he has got himself in for. He won't win the league, fact! No one can compete with Celtic, end of story. To Ranger's fans, finishing 2nd to Celtic is like finishing bottom. He will tarnish his name, which would also be good. Just another chapter in the circus that is Glasgow Rangers.

  • It makes sense for Rangers to go for Steven Gerrard as their new manager.

    If anyone knows how to stop Brendan Rodgers winning the title, it’s him!!

    'We don't let this slip' ... LOL

  • IMO it's such a bad appointment it is beyond funny. If he loses that first Old Firm game he is under immense pressure. The fans will not be onside if he does not hit the ground running.

    If he is still there after Xmas I will be hugely surprised. Glasgow is a total goldfish bowl when it comes to football, nowhere for him to hide.

    I predict Walter Smith will be rolled out soon in an attempt to stop Celtic hitting 10 in a row.

  • His got a grudge with rogers and he more than anyone will love to spank him home and away in the old firm show I'd say a worried Celtic fan

  • Gerrard will be gone within 6 months, like Gary Neville at Valencia. Gerrard should learn in League 1 or League 2 first or stick to being a pundit.

  • @Mazza-magic he could have the biggest grudge in the world, doesn't make up for the lack of ability.

    I'm not saying he lacks ability of course, it's hard to judge because he has never managed. This is a massive job to take as the first, that lack of experience will be both costly for him and for Rangers IMO.

  • I'm an Aberdeen fan and I'll be delighted if Rangers appoint him. I imagine Celtic fans feel the same. Maybe he'll prove us all wrong, but I think it tells you something.

  • Good luck Slippy G, you need it.

  • Apart from Celtic he may as well be in league 1 the standard is the same

  • @johnboywalker Bet he wouldn't take a dump in a plastic bag at his mate's birds hoose though....

  • @NewUser24251

    Nah, he's a scouser, he would just leave it cooking on the doorstep ...

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