Initial findings from Overnight changes

  • Overall Platform - Spread Avg 46.45%
    Top 200 - Spread Avg - 14.32

    3125 Players buy price rose in the last 24 hours (most i suspect due to changes implemented between 11pm and Midnight)

    Player rising in the last 6 hours (note most of the changes FI implemented will have been 8 hours ago so most of these rises will have occurred on later changes

    Players rising in last 6 hours

  • @Advinculas-Index

    Is it reasonable to assume that the guys with the highest change have the least depth?

  • @Dan-The-Man
    I guess they could have plenty of depth but the lowest 300 offers could have been anomalous in terms of how low they were compared to the offers above?

  • @wolves86
    It's important to realise the spread isn't the actual difference between the buy and sell price anymore. Its literally meaningless.

    Appreciate the psychological effect of the changes but maybe the index needs an option to see the actual buy and sell prices. Maybe you choose an option in the settings. So if you pick 100 then somewhere you can see the price of buying 100.

    For all the talk of it being complicated for newbies surely the most confusing thing for them is they don't know how much it actually costs to buy a future.


    Dont you mean here?


  • Yeah but ideally you want to see it on main screen without having to go into the buy process.

  • Ultimately I guess it depends how close the figures are. If it's only 1p different it doesn't really matter.

    If however when you scroll through the players and it says say kostic is 210p when in reality for most people, he will only cost you 190p then it's kinda misleading.

    For someone like panda who may buy 1000 at a time, it makes sense for the price to be based on the cheapest 900. For a new trader, who may buy ten at a time. The buy price is the price of the cheapest ten. The average of 900 is meaningless.

  • @SDOAFIT said in Initial findings from Overnight changes:

    Yeah but ideally you want to see it on main screen without having to go into the buy process.

    Whoever they have designing FI, seems to have forgotten....Keep It Simple Stupid.

    Nothing on here is straight forward anymore.

    • The buy price isn't the buy price. (If you pay it, you're often a mug)

    • The sell price isn't the sell price.

    • Your portfolio value isn't anything like your actual portfolio value.

    • The spread isn't the difference between what you can buy at and what you can sell at (because the buy and sell aren't the prices)

    • The price of a player used to go up and down at a fixed rate.

    It's not unlearnable.... but the complexity is not attractive.

  • @Dan-The-Man it's almost like they go out their way to make it difficult for new users.

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