Who to buy

  • Which player would you buy today around 2 pound? Have only 270 pound to waste. Would like about 100 shares in him. Thanks for advice

  • Doesn’t start playing until next weekend, so no real chance of IPDs but you can pick up Gosen for around 1.14 this morning via bids. Plays for a strong Atalanta side who are also in Europe. Regularly gets assist and goals from his wing-back/left midfield position and has a decent PB base. On top of that he’s recently been selected for the German International side.

  • @Erased-Citizen I have him mate but cheers anyway

  • @Erased-Citizen hateboer seems great value aswel

  • Personally I would by 100 shares in 3 goal keepers

  • @Tiger2244 you could have a bash at somebody like Ben Pavard. Hes had a decent drop in his buy price because he scored the poorest of Bayerns defenders last night, but that's not gonna be the case every week. Current top bid is £2.06 and with sentiment seemingly in a little trough theres every chance that matching that bid would be deemed acceptable by some current holder as soon as the goals start going in today

  • @Dan114114 yeah thought about that actually, Pickford, Leno and someone else

  • @MickTurbo Cheers man, I kinda want to get someone for today, Luca digne I like the look of

  • I bought Pickford Leno and schmeichwel first 2 already have £15 in dividends for Me from last week,another clean sheet today🤞Would have got me 50% returns in the first 2 weeks

  • Aubameyang

    or Willian

    Cresswell is a poor LB and Willian will get the better of him today.

  • Shot in the dark Michael Keane scored in midweek defenders normally score in a couple games in a row then go quiet for a bit

  • @Tiger2244 Lo Pell is a bit of a daft price at present, particularly with Zaniolo out long term

  • @Tiger2244 could get 200 barella for that. Inter stater, Italian starter. Good base pb, 23 yo, no brainer.

  • @MickTurbo you know your shit mate. Thoughts on barella? I might double down.

  • @Tiger2244 Willian of James Rodriguez. The latter plays in the early KO so all eyes be on that, decent Pb or a goal he could fly

  • Watching the Newcastle game last week, I'd say Callum Wilson might be a great buy at £1.13 a share. Filmino at Liverpool seems cheap at £1.60. Kane looks a bargain but might be out of your price range

  • Willian or Rodriguez.

    I've actually converted to a belief Willian will be a great hold for this season, Rodriguez could fly if he puts in great performance.

  • @AndydfopT

    Barella is an excellent player. His price has generally been stunted by the PB output of Sensi/Eriksen/Brozovic who are all capable of big scores... Seems like Eriksen has been relegated to bench and available for transfer, so that leaves a decent shot for the other mids.. Personally I have opted for Sensi at £1.20 during Monday madness, as I think he may get set pieces and ticks the other boxes that Barella does in general..

  • @AndydfopT to be honest mate I dont really know that much about him. I've only seen glimpses. He seems to be widely considered an excellent player yet sentiment has him lagging way behind other midfielders of a similar age like for example Fabian Ruiz or Pre-crash Lorenzo who's price has not yet recovered at all but was previously way more expensive than Barella.

    I suppose being in a midfield with Brozo, Erikssen and Sensi has done him no favours, but yeh his sentiment seems to be a lot higher than his price tag for some reason. I did a deep dive on Serie A midfielders as potential PB holds a good few months back, about the time all the footy was cancelled, comparing the likes of Barella, Tonali, Lo Pell, Kulusevski, Alberto, Sensi, Ruiz, RdP based on PB output, in game actions, game time, whoscored ratings etc. Its saved in my Samsung notes, if it's possible to create a link I'll do so and post it. It's only farmed data for comparative purposes, not really my own analysis.

    Getting back to the question, I suppose this could be a break out year for him, but some of those others I've named are leading lights for their clubs, where st present, Barella probably is not

  • If you want a third keeper, Karl Darlow - I don't hold anymore but great chance of another clean sheet tomorrow and mega cheap. Just make sure you have an exit strategy in the next few weeks as you'll want to get out a bit before Dubravka comes back. Risky but you could make nearly 50% yield just this weekend.

    I don't hold anymore, but I did last weekend and he made me some nice dividends and sold for a profit.

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