IPD payouts

  • I know with media and performance dividends you have to hold until the divs are credited at circa 9am.
    Is this the same with IPDs or do you only have to hold until midnight?
    I can't see this anywhere in the rules or academy section.


  • It's not really clear, it used to be hold until midnight then you could sell, but then they announced it had changed so that you had to hold the player until the dividends have been paid. I've sold before they've been paid and have received the IPDs but it's a bit of a worry with the poor comms. With the market closures at the moment you can't sell until the morning anyway so maybe worth holding on for a couple of extra hours to guarantee the divs.

  • You can sell 1 minute past midnight but with market down time until 07:30 I think it stops players selling at that time now

  • Can anyone provide a link to the current IPD promotion? I’m interested as to when it ends.

  • @Archer22 Haven't got a link but it's only for September, 30th is the last day

  • @Journey

    Thanks mate

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