When is the best time to take your profit??

  • Hey Guys

    I'm sure this question goes through our heads every day that we look at our portfolio but when is the time to take action !!

    We noticed in April that traders were being confused by the recent drop in player's prices and this resulted in a lot of panic selling....

    I'm guessing the next month where traders will be chasing out is July after the WC?



  • @AndyP32 When you have hit your personal targets. Otherwise you will never cash out.

  • I have invested as much cash as I am prepared to risk. I am reinvesting all my dividends now. If I ever get to the stage where I am making a decent amount of money, say £100 per week, I may then start drawing out the dividends. But that is a long way off. Can't imagine selling up totally unless something goes drastically wrong with the site.

  • Consider selling chunks of your holding in a rising player in stages. Banks some profit in case things turn the other way

  • I'll be selling Kane around world cup when they've just had a bad game. Then I'll buy him again after he goes down a lot. I've read others talking about him and it sounds like he will go down 25% roughly so don't want to waste my money like that.

  • It all depends, if a player is rapidly rising, I tend to queue him when the rise is still happening as a lot of people tend to take their profits during this time and so the danger is a price crash after a rapid rise (it's not always the case and a lot of times I've cashed out on players only for them to continue to rocket)

    If a player is gradually increasing over time, I tend to ride it out as I see this as a less risky hold

  • @NewUser59855 The WC will not help Kane in my opinion, England might surprise us but in all honesty they are likely to go out in the 1st Knockout Stage...his price is likely to go below £9 after that !!

  • @AndyP32 The month beforehand however...

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