The Auba Dilemma

  • Feels very much like an IPD player so does that mean he is currently overvalued based on the bonus IPD?

    I wouldn't mind holding him for the season but you can IS for around 2.45 at the moment, and whilst he has an assist I'm thinking it might be wise to cash in - bearing in mind his only other Sept gam is Liverpool which has the potential to be a quiet one for him.

  • My only input here is I cashed in this AM at £2.40 for a similar reason but my buy price was £1.95 so also wanted to secure profit.

    I think the money could be better used elsewhere but he will have his day again past this enhanced IPD window.

  • @DW my thoughts exactly, bought in at £2.13 - so still looking at 30p profit per share. Really rate him and would be nice to buy back in post September at a similar price with renewed IPD potential.

    Not much depth on the 2.45 offers so I might just slowly sell him off. West Ham just equalised so hopefully Arsenal go more attacking second half, if he grabs a goal could surpass 2.50.

  • @howsthebacon sounds sensible to maybe sell a few rather than all. My other concern was I'm not sure how tricky it will be to sell if stuck in a que (offer) and the IS being desirsary if I'm unable to sell via offer.

    Either way you've got the comfort and cushion of some Divs, fingers crossed for a decent second half 👍

  • @DW to be fair if his value does drop, hopefully no lower than 2.13 - I'd happily hold him long term, still has some PB potential and lots of exit points.

    Looking to free up some cash to pick up Fofana though. St Ettiene look solid at the back this season, he is in for TOTM hopefully and Leicester are being linked. Didn't realise he was only 19! Ligue 1 is a hotbed for young talent.

  • @DW IS is down to 2.1 - should've kept quiet haha.

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