Match day rankings.

  • I was thinking, why don't FI leave the match day rankings up until they publish the dividend results the following day ? This would make sense and give people more time to digest the match day scores.

  • I was thinking the same, i was out last night so am not sure if Michael Keane managed to hold onto top defender last night, so i've got to pretty much just sit and wait if i'm going to get paid divs or not this morning.

  • @Journey He did mate, top defender but Kramaric took star player.

  • @AT10 Cheers.

    Would be good if the info was provided somewhere when you log in the morning. Keane turned into a great bit of business, would have had 100% in divs from 1 day if he held onto star man, but knew Karmaric was likely to pass him when he got the 3rd and GWG.

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