Football Index 5th Birthday bonus?

  • Hi All

    For the last couple of years around the 24th September FI has announced a promotion like 10% on shares bought was last year's promotion.

    Anyone anticipating something like that over the next few days or has the market been in such a strange place place over the past month that they might not want to rock the boat?

  • @Muffin given we have the enhanced IPD's till end of September I'd expect something to start in October for the 5th birthday.

    When they announce something not sure. I'd be surprised if it was a deposit bonus though.

  • Think it will be late next week and will extend into October to prevent sell off on the 1st after IPDs ends. Will be interesting to see where the money goes. I think the money will steer away from lower end IPD players and into the reliable premium dividend returners like Neymar.

  • @Muffin
    I think this has been part of the problem.

    People not depositing because anticipating a deposit bonus.

  • Looking forward to a cash drop... can’t wait!

  • Imagine if they extend the IPD x5 until end of October 🤔🙈😂

  • I think people are really liking the big ipd’s, i think there will be more promo’s around them, imo they are good for the index.

  • @Tom77 I think the IPDs are great, but not for long term holds, people just flip flop between who is scoring/assisting that day!

    I have managed to return 12% of my investment over the last 2 months, but that is at the expense of CA which has wiped that out and then some!

  • Just a quick question. Why are people buying my aubamayang and Rashford shares at full price?

  • I would imagine a deposit bonus would be the best route to take if they do a promotion.

    With x5 IPDs ending soon then then hopefully we will have a better balance of short and long term holds as a deposit bonus should encourage investment in both ways of trading.

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