Let me have the option to see highest single buy and lowest single sell

  • So we have options to see our portfolio to mid or high price based on how green you want to be on any given day, Thats Great.

    But can we have similar option to see the highest bid offer/lowest sell option so we can see the RIGHT now get some prices rather than average of what like 900 offers now?

    Worked example... (Not a pump, not commenting on if he is a good buy but first player to prove the point)

    So his button buy is 35p sell is 30p so 5p spread.
    When you go through to the Insta buy / instant sell its actually 33p/32p So 1p Spread! Granted if I want to buy 300 or whatever its gonna take further apart prices, but the true right now spread is 1p. Let me see it!

  • @Toptom well the 300 average did a pretty good job of showing this you just had to be careful when selling or buying. Maybe the NASDAQ system will be powerful enough to calculate exactly how many shares you hold against whats on offer but with visible depth we will be able to see this no problem at all without having to do any calculations like you currently have to do

  • @Black-Wolf
    I think it needs to be customisable.

    Someone like EJ or Panda who buy 1000 at a time, it's probably a good indication.

    Whereas a new trader who might buy a single future in a player, the 900 thing is meaningless. They want to know the 1 future price.

    I tend to buy about 500 quid per player so the 300 futures was a reasonable indicator for me. Better than 900 anyway.

  • I don't think it matters if 1 share or 1000 shares are offered at the highest buy now / lowest sell now, as that is the best price. Its good in all situations!

    Then when you go through it can show you the price against the number of shares like it does currently. i.e selling 10 @ 99p then the next 200 @ 98p. Then its up to you if you still want to sell 210 or sell 10 now then the 200 when the next offer comes in.

    Plus it hilights when you can recycle shares / top up / sell up ect.

  • @Toptom what you are describing is the visual depth of orders that we are all shouting for

  • @Black-Wolf I don't think we on the same page, I don't care what the depth is on the top buy / lowest sell I just want to see the headline prices, We can have the computer do the rest of the magic in the background so it doesn't spook everyone when there isn't as much depth as people expect.

    The expectation is 2000 buy and sell bids. If they only have 20 on the market it will scare people. Showing the best (and most realistic) sell and buy prices actually will reasure. But I didn't make the post to go into full market depth we had that discussion lots of times, untill their are millions more in buy offers I want it hidden. We don't need more panic just like last sunday when people saw players with no offers.

    *or just let us bid on multiple players and then cancel on match so it appears enough even tho the money is spread more.

  • @Toptom so what you want is a system where people with huge cash balances can see a breakdown of the depth but not those that dont. No thanks i want a level playing field

  • @Black-Wolf I am not proposing anything different to the full market discoverability we have now just the headline rates.

    If i click player and press up on the IS it shows me as the price goes down. Thats exactly how it currently works!

    I just want the player homepage to show the best price not an average! As an option : may be a picture helps -

    Screenshot 2020-09-20 at 22.34.06.png

    Kimmich is showing 5.82 when if I have my fictional option it can show 5.92. Nothing else is proposed to change.

  • @Toptom i get that and i for one prefer this or the 300 average but as we saw on brown Sunday this would spook A LOT of people even if it was only an option. What we learned recently is that people just want that virtual profit figure to be as high as possible even if its complete nonsense. I hope that with depth the figures will be displayed as you have laid out because thats how any other market does it. I hope they make it that partially matched offers become the highest bid aswell to allow people to set a price they want to buy for and pay the same price for all their shares not just some

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