Manuel Locatelli

  • Anyone else got much of an invested interest in him? I obviously do...

    Looking forward to the 5pm game today to see how he does. I'm expecting big things from him this season!

    Picked hm up via the ME past week or so for an average price of about 94p, opening 3/4 fixtures look very kind to Sassuolo too!

    Hoping for a bit of magic to hopefully start a bit of a recovery for some of my boys!

  • @NewUser601964 Yep I hold 600 of him, sort of player that everything goes through so posts decent PB, if he could add a couple of goals he’d be a real threat.

    Apparently really impressed on his Italy debut as wells couple of weeks back, he’s undervalued in my eyes.

  • PB score of 199 in a 1-1 draw. No goals. No Assists.
    Very impressive again tonight.
    Just wonder if his lack of goal involvements will continue to hold his price back.

    Keep seeing rumours that Juve are still keen to bring him in... How would that effect his price? Be better for his PB game surely?

    Safe long term hold here.

  • Manuel seeing some love today, nice little rise! 🚀

  • Good player. Happy to sell on a spike today but will probably reinvest.

  • Juventus should sign him. And De Paul. Midfield sorted.

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