How are the Newbies getting on?

  • Just thought I would put this out there and ask how the new members to the index are getting on. If like me, you see alot on twitter about how people are making massive profits, which is good to see, but most have been on the index for a long period of time.

    So I am generally interested in knowing how the new players are getting on and how they are finding the index and most importantly as we are in it for the same reason, are you making a profit.

    Just thought i would throw it out there and it goes without saying, if I can help just ask. I have been on the index seriously since August 2017 and showing currently a 50% increase.

    Happy Trading

  • @Gary2907

    I’m a relatively new user, started 2nd week of April. Have been putting money in at an alarming rate, as I’m finding it a fun way to make some money (and hopefully not lose it).

    Have seen a 10% increase in portfolio value in 1 month, and have accumulated approximately 5% of my portfolio value in dividends in 1 month. Obviously heavily invested in the top 2 players mainly. The April mini crash was scary, but thankfully have recovered. A few minor mistakes on the way, but generally in the green so quite happy!

    Looking forward to see how the index performs over the next 6 months.

  • I started very slowly in January and got more serious in March. Despite making some silly man stakes, like buying players just because they are good footballers, I'm up about 12%.

  • From the couple of replys already that I received. I think to be honest it's positive which is good to hear.

    We have all made mistakes(still do unfortunately), that's all part of it. As for April I don't think it has been great month for many people. I have seen far worse, but to be honest they have been very few and far between and the market always seems to bounce back.

  • Started end of Feb.

    Apart from buy Suarez and Reus and seeing them plummet, all is well.

    Growth as of now is 12.3% and dividends of 3.41% against my deposits.

  • I consider myself a newbie. Originally registered in February 2017 but left soon after because I didn't really have the time to learn how to be successful on the index. Started again in November but left for similar reasons. Sadly in November I had 5 futures in Salah around the £2/3 mark so I very much regret leaving that time.

    Rejoined in mid April and invested a far larger sum than before. I'm enjoying trading and have the time to learn so I am here to stay this time. In terms of my current portfolio, I have a post-commission ROI of 3%. The bulk of this has come in the last week when the penny dropped and I realised that dividends make the index go round. This meant I stopped chasing my tail with transfer rumours and instead devoted 70% or thereabouts of my portfolio on long-term holds and dividend magnets (eg Neymar, Salah and Pogba etc). The rest is for seeking out flips. I have had less success there so far but will persevere.

  • Started in very late December, like everyone else by the sounds of it I made a couple of early mistakes, but persevered and my cash balance + portfolio value as a % of my overall investment currently sits at a rise of 52.3%, feel like I've only just started to really get the hang of it in the last month tho. Very happy with my returns.

  • Well my initial investment was just 50 quid as I really didn't know what I was dealing with here. That was in the 2nd half of March this year. Suffice to say I've invested a fair bit more now. I've got a longer term semi-passive strategy as this really isn't my main focus when it comes to overall investment portfolio, more a bit of fun that will hopefully pay off, and in fact the more I invest here the more I'm starting to see that this might just be a really solid investment long term worth serious attention.

    In terms of performance I've been pretty happy really, got 5% (more like 6.5% by close of play today haha) profit on my overall to date investment which let's just say is significantly more than that initial £50 haha! The April correction was interesting but because of the way I invest I was generally pretty comfortable during that period and it was a great opportunity to start pumping cash in. Booming now so all good. I've definitely made a few mistakes along the way, coming in on one or two players way to high but tbh I'm pretty confident in their potential to surpass that so I'm not too concerned! Time will tell hahah

    Will be interesting come the summer, I have a pretty solid idea of what I am going to do but obviously there are a lot of variables that can affect that. I will be keeping an eye on the forums and the more serious FI traders for some advice that's for sure!!!

  • I been on a month I made a few mistakes not to costly and I was at a 10% profit but I flipped some took the profit and getting my portfolio ready for next season hopefully pep gets the player at the top of his list

  • I started about a month ago and I'm up nearly 5% but this is very long term for me. It will become part of my pension in 20 odd years time. It will continue to grow alongside my SIPP, ISA, trading account, Bitcoin account & Silver coins.

  • Started early March time, absolutely loving it (and I won the semi final tickets between United and spurs so that was a mega bonus!). Made some silly mistakes but always researching and learning about the platform. Unfortunately due to finance restrictions, I can’t put as much in as I’d like but overall I’m up. Nervous about how versatile this summer will be but it’ll help no end for the future. Luckily I’m thinking more towards players next season and a few transfer targets I’m almost certain about 👍. Happy trading guys

  • Doing ok. Started about three weeks ago, 7.5% up. I put about 20% on Neymar, Salah and Pogba. Put 20% on players both likely to go to the world cup and have transfer speculation. 60% I spread very widely on young players who I hoped would increase in value. I used the players classed as 'wonderkids' in Football Manager 2018 as a starting point.

  • 10 weeks in and my portfolio has just hit the £1000 increase 40% of my investment😊 given i was aiming for 30% a year am more than Happy and am now aiming to return 100%. Newbies can make money to😁😊

  • @Pat-Hiscock how much salah related?

  • @LG none i missed out on😖

  • @Pat-Hiscock I don’t want to be rude but may I ask what’s your stretegy ? Thanks

  • Very new (started using a week ago) and relatively poor results so far. Love the platform though and learning day by day.

    Started with a very small budget as nervous about losing money. My biggest mistake as somebody said above was judging players on their ability and performance and the hardest thing for me to understand is the emphasis on media buzz and attacking players. When I started I avoided the highly priced players thinking it was too risky, but in hindsight maybe should have invested. I understood the game to be more about trading value than rewards from media coverage etc but now appreciating the importance of this and need to make some moves into this area. Anyway, fine and making my way through the game now, learning all the time. Yet to buy any likely mb worthy players (Ronaldo, Messi or Salah) so no dividends, only one PB related which was satisfying although not very rewarding financially.

    My gains so far are offset mostly by some negatives which I made a double mistake on by selling instantly (panic selling!). I know! :( Glad I only invested a small amount though and keep telling myself I could cash in at any moment and lose only a small amount (not that I intend to but as a backup).

    I'm amazed people have made +10% etc so far in a few months. I don't think I will be anywhere near that but let's see. Well done to you guys.

    As I said I think my mistake is focusing on market value, rather than dividends which may be something others have done also. Interested to hear if this is the case? My portfolio is probably 95% future in estments and 5% current top 200 players. Need to diversify maybe and splash some case on a top star but it's daunting for a newbie, considering some of the drops in value.

    So, a portfolio gain of +1.4% in first week with a hell of a lot to learn. Largest increase is +14% on one player.

  • @NewUser144089 do your research trust your gut be patient I been on a month and I was 10% but I've cashed in on a couple that I flipped at a profit reinvested now I'm building a slow but sure portfolio for transfer boom ! There are some long term bargains out there I personally only buy players between ages of 20 to 25 only coz unless I'm really unlucky good players nearly always recover quickly I only got 6 players in the top 200 most squad players and I had 2 players promoted to the top 200 so at the moment if I sold everything I'd get a small profit

  • @NewUser144089
    Realising the potential of the platform and your mistakes is the biggest thing to take away. Some people may have panic sold everything and already left the platform. I always say knowledge is power and to always research. So you've clearly done that and plan on doing so, which means you're moving in the right direction! It's a lot to get used to and a lot to understand, and everyone makes mistakes. It's no guarantee. I'm coming to my full second month and it wasn't long ago I instant sold a variety of futures as I had realised I made mistakes and needed to get out, even at a loss. I haven't put a lot in either and its hard seeing the drops thinking "Should I have cashed out yesterday? Will they be back to where they were or continue to fall?". But there's a long way to go yet and theres bound to be more mistakes along the way, but to learn from it and move forward is key. You said the largest increase in one player is 14%. Had you only bought him, your portfolio would be up 14%. So don't underestimate yourself saying "I don't think I'll be anywhere near that". You've clearly made the right decision with that player so keep believing and learning :).

  • @FOF don't really have one, It makes me laff everyone banging on about trends etc. I had neymar, pogba ,messi, and few others going for mb ......sold them all for small/medium profit I now don't own any top player's got few sms but other than that I look for players undervalued usually sub £1 not always though just bought few abamananananNayang lol and he won pb the day after😊

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