Aouchiche or Camavinga

  • As these two come head to head this Friday - was wondering who you all think is the better season prospect in the Index.

    What do you reckon to their current value? Undervalued vs their potential, overvalued or just right?

    Aware Aouchiche left PSG, but he is already proving valuable.
    Camavinga will be linked to big clubs for a while, but already at the £4 mark, do we reckon he has much growth in there?

    I hold Aouar, and after his red card I'm tempting to pick up more shares in him after his drop.

    Ideally, before match day I'm looking to pick up 2 from three of these, what are your thoughts?


  • i hold both, but Camavinga looks like a worldbeater, hitting big scores already and he's slowly being allowed to move forward more which will only increase his PB scores.
    Camavinga is already In the France team and will be in there for the euros, i cant see AA making the squad for next summer...

  • I also hold both. I think Camavinga is an amazing prospect and likely to be picked up by one of the big teams next summer. I also think he will be in the French Euro's squad, Unlikely to get too many minutes though. I think the transfer rumours are already built into his price and could steadily increase up towards the £5 with some good performances in Champs league and continued transfer spec.

    I think Aouchiche has a better potential (at current price) on both CA and PB going forward. Big respect to him for leaving PSG to get first team football. From the games I have watched he's been on corners and some free kicks and for someone who has just turned 18 that has got to be getting the attention from some scouts. As with Camavinga I could see his price rising up towards £5 and that's the reason I would go for Aouchiche and Camavinga over Aouar.

  • Cama for me, constant links with R. Mad, plus points mentioned previously.

  • Aouchiche is the more offensive and creative player, who are a premium. Camavinga is more defensive minded. In a toss-up between him and Caqueret, I choice Caqueret for the same reasons I hold Aouchiche. Camavinga is a super player, but quite expensive already. There might be less growth in him than Aouchiche.

  • @Londoner Camavinga is being given the go ahead to start in a more attacking position now, this is the start of his new role

  • @LampardCulture said in Aouchiche or Camavinga:

    @Londoner Camavinga is being given the go ahead to start in a more attacking position now, this is the start of his new role

    Cool. In that case there's more growth in him as a MF. I still think he's a bit expensive for me, compared to the other two, but good luck to holders. He's recently won PB, and there's probably more to come in the future. If you got in at IPO price and been patient to hold, you must be laughing now!

  • They're both worth having for the type alone, I only hope AA at the minute.

    Camavinga looks like one of those midfielders who can do a bit of both which was great back in the 90s with the box to box midfielders but these days clubs seem to prefer a player to either be a sitting midfielder or an attacking player - if he moves to Real he'll have to decide which he is, I think they'll want him as a long term Casemiro replacement. Tough position to go into as a young kid though, be interesting to see his development.

  • Thanks all! Much appreciated!

  • @NewUser644982 think the game is on Saturday mate

  • @NewUser644982 Camavinga imo.

    Adil could be a great player, but Cama could be world class. Hard to explain why I feel this but Its just my gut feeling.

    For the record I hold Cama, but I am looking to jump on Adil soon enough.

  • @Londoner That little IPO trick I talked about helped me do just that lol

  • @Kanzz I get your point but in the same breathe, because Cama has higher potential there is with that more pressure, especially with the role he takes on the pitch. Adil could be given a free role at a club and as a creative and quick player he could excel.

    Camavinga might need the perfect coach, tactics etc to compliment his style in the middle. I guess we'd need to see how they train, their intelligence - the mental attributes to really know who will succeed (maybe even both).

    You watch someone like Ndombele play similar to Camavinga, up and down the pitch, tackling, passing, rouletting - but he'll need to find a role to specialise in, in my opinion and nail that down.

  • @howsthebacon Its all a gamble at the end of the day as there is so many factors and things that can go wrong or right.
    Camas biggest let down IMO was he was very defencive, if he starts being a more well rounded player and starts attacking, thats when he will really start to shine imo.

    Both are great talents with bright furtures either way at the end of the day.
    Cama is my dark horse

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