Since making the switch to Keepers

  • Many of you will remember my angry meltdown towards FI and the poor dividend announcement on the 9th of July and then my overhaul of my portfolio to keepers on the 10th. Since then due to the 5x IPDs ive had my best dividend period ever.

    Below is my all time dividends over 2years

    And this is my haul since the 10th of July

    Now I know this is entirely down to the 5x IPDs but i dont think i could of made these returns on any other type of player during this promo (unless id been lucky enough to buy Son) and reasoning being is that i didnt have to chase these IPDs like i may of had to with goal scorers. I could just buy and sit back knowing that the only player in each team that could get the CS IPD was the keeper whereas with outfield players i either have to pay a premium for a prolific goalscorer or pick a random one and hope for the best which could of led to me losing money. The best part of all is that everyone of these keepers were bought with a longterm hold in mind.

    Don’t underestimate how good a keeper hold can be

  • Yep. I have 6 GKs which is a lot for me, about a third of my port which is 21 players. I think @johnboywalker made a good point that investing in keepers is similar to joining FI in year 1, when prices were so cheap. A once in a lifetime opportunity .

  • @Londoner i hold 60 but not all of them are playing due to transfers or other circumstances but yes that’s exactly how i see them. On top of that they are safer holds because they cant fall far so you can focus on one category as i have done and still have a diverse portfolio.

  • 56 keepers in my port of 101 as of today; looking to take them all to 300 over the next few months with dividends.

    Like @Black-Wolf ive had my best ever dividends returns since making the switch.

    I also love having skin in the game nearly every match day at a low risk low cost

  • @Black-Wolf Good job mate, how do you change the date range for your dividends? I would like to see what I have made since the promo started.

  • @Martin-M on the website theres a drop down menu just above your account summary

  • @Black-Wolf do you know how much you have won in actual PB yet, problem is my keepers look awesome, but mostly due to the redonkulous IPDs!?

  • @Marksandygill ill check it later and post it here but its nothing compared to the IPDs

  • Yes, keepers seem a safe bet now, especially those well under a quid playing for top teams. Maybe even the ones higher too!

  • @Black-Wolf Ok, I am only on my phone, pity would have been nice to have a look. I guess I could go through my transaction history but probably far too much effort for me

  • @Marksandygill £25 in matchday dividends since the 12th when the keeper dividend started so £25 in 10 days. Pretty happy with that as thats my keepers won every PB day so far except that one Lopes lost to the other teams keeper that was on the bench

  • @Martin-M use the web browser on your phone to sign in you can see it that way too

  • I also switched quite a bit of my port to GK’s but it’s not paid off for me yet, I didn’t refresh for 5x IPD’s buts it’s worked out that I’ve still got chance to refresh for the remainder of this month and normal IPD’s Oct. I am a bit puzzled by the new order books though, Neto for example has an IS of 29p , Buy now of 36p but I am not allowed to offer less than 35p. I’ve got one offer sat there for 35p, if there’s any takers I’ve got 100 to refresh. I would take less but the system won’t allow it.

  • £78 in dividends last week for me.

    Not a lot in the scheme of things but I don't have loads invested and only 25-50 shares in each keeper.

    Put it all back into other keepers

  • I have 33 keepers currently. Most of teams in Europe covered. I haven't added up just keeper divs yet but I'm sure over half have returned something already.

    Mandanda has already got me back 20% and Anthony Lopes around 16%.

    It would have been more if I hadn't timed myself out when the GK category was announced and they all shot up in price, but even at current prices I think they are good value long term holds.

  • @Kipper72 tbh some goalies have actually gone down in price since the big spike after the GK category was announced so still worth looking out for! For example, Leipzig's Gulacsi shot up to 80p in July and is now at 67p (48p average IS)

  • Definitely a good long term bet.

    28 out of my 50 players are keepers. £2,350 invested in them and they've delivered an 8% dividend yield (in total) for me so far. Four of them have a dividend yield of over 25% already. Not bad given that I've held them for between two weeks and two months.

    Plus I'm sat on plenty of cap app. But I intend to just sit on them and farm the dividends over the next 2.5 years, before cashing out in the last 6 months and selling on a clean sheet spike.

  • I currently have 24 keepers in my port some of which i have held since mid July and others that i have only picked up recently.

    Keepers currently make up 15.09% of my port
    Total cost £7699
    Total Divs Returned £777

    Roughly 11% in 2 Months

    My best performer is Bingourou Kamara with a yeild of 37.04%
    I still have a few that have yet to return me any divs but confident they will in the next 3 years.
    even if it means flipping them on a cs during any future enhamced div promos they do in the future. - Given the success of this one i cant see them not doing another one - with keepers its a licence to fill yer boots on recycling clean sheets on ones you already hold.

    I look at the price on these as fairly irrelevant and expect the overall yield on my keepers to Hit 100% within the next 2 years.

  • @Black-Wolf Genius! Nice one, didn’t think of that 👍

  • @Martin-M


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