Only possibility now is instant sale?

  • had a few players on the market, price is a few pence under buy now value. Been on for a week, can't sale. Is instant sale the only way?

  • All depends on the players and their situation, I've been putting offers in on players and been buying from market if the situation is right.

    Selling can take a while, i had players in the sell queue for over 6 months which didn't sell.

    Because of the 5x IPD bonus strikers with good fixtures at the weekend are more likely to be market bought as people dont want to sell them on the cheap with massive returns available.

  • @Deano4dawin it will help if the player you're trying to sell does something in a game etc. However I've had ndidi and sergi Roberto sell this week (neither have scored etc) at only a few pence below their current buy price so it's worth sticking with it unless you feel the IS is a fair price ofcourse.

  • @Deano4dawin I’ve had some Patson Daka’s that have sold tonight at market buy price, offers have been in queue about a week. Depends on demand for the player but, yes, limited liquidity since the stabilisers have been put back on.

  • OK thank, so I will just wait and hope they are sold. Lose too much with Insta Sale. No more quick profits for me then! Its all about the dividends then

  • @Deano4dawin there were plenty of opportunities for profits during the crash and over the summer but especially with the former, needed big balls and experience to risk big bulk buys when the market is shaky. With more stability comes less opportunity to make money but there does seem to be chances to get players for cheap in the Monday sell off.

    You're right though, a stable market means more focus on dividends which after September will be the norm and should hopefully be a good thing.

  • Listed several players above their buy now price and they eventually sold. Depends on the player and if you can be patient!

  • I got rid of bale at buy price in about six hours on Friday.

  • Absolute killer. I'm trying to trim down on ake, cancelo, guerreiro and januajz and going 1p under the buy price is pointless

  • Assume if you're trying to sell more than 300 then you can just keep undercutting your own offers though? So it's only really an issue for people with less than 300?

  • @scfc just out of curiosity, who did you manage to sell above the buy now prices?

  • I IS my whole port over a week ago and have more than made the money up since with just quick flips. Sunday I made 65% ROI in one day. I generally list every player I buy at a 10% mark up and they're normally sold within a day. A lot of that is about getting lucky and anticipating the market.

    There are loads of opportunities out there, especially with the current promo.
    I'd much rather being able to sell lower than the current buy price though. One example is Maupay, I got a bit greedy with him at the weekend because of IPDs. Bought for £1,made 30p IPDs and would happily sell him for 90p to bank the profit and move on to the next one but couldn't get online at 0730 on Monday and his IS price was 69p and his buy now price was £1.18. My only options were sell for 69p at a loss, list for 1.17 and never sell him or hold on. So I've had to hold onto him, but that's had an impact on my weeks trading as I couldn't get on zlatan on Monday or whoever I'm trading on Friday.

  • @Jamiearsenal93 Managed it with a few players, but i do have a quite a few more listed. So far Kane, Mount and Trossard, all rose during games and then my offers matched.

  • @Jamiearsenal93 Another good example today... I've had Dembele for sale for a while at £2.35. Had a busy day at work and didn't see the rumours, just logged on now to see my shares sold earlier and his IS price has already dropped back down to £1.99.

    Order books can work really well with a bit of patience.

  • @scfc I love this tactic. My portfolio is full of “transfer holds” who I always hope to sell on the spike of a good rumour or a confirmed move. Now I can set my exit price and lock in profits without being on the news sites and FI app all day. Worked a treat with Ruben Dias - been sitting there stagnant in my portfolio for 14 months then suddenly locked in a very healthy profit on the Man City news.

  • is this no different than before??? you have basically set your sell price at the buy price or 1p difference and some has taken them.

    The problem is you cannot low your buy price...............

  • @Coleyscrooge Yea, it's great and I bet you did well from Dias. It's made me so much better at selling as I used to really cling on to players once I saw them rise. There are some definite positives of the new system, just clouded by the drops etc.

  • @trig No because I set my sell price about 40p higher than the buy price. This is a response to the OP asking if the only way to sell is through instant sell so i'm giving examples where that's not been the case.

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