Is Market Price really average of lowest 900 offers?

  • I have a player for sale. I won’t pump him, but say he has a market price of £1 and I offer 602 shares at 99p and I know there are 3 shares offered at 98p from someone else. You’d expect the market buy price to be 99p max assuming no one else is bidding below £1. Yet the market price is still £1. Could this be odd rounding or is there another explanation?

  • I've found there's sometimes a delay in the price updating, try refreshing or clicking on another player then returning to the one in question. Happens when using IS you can accept the displayed offer then attempt to repeat as the offer is still displayed but find you've actually accepted a lower, sometimes much lower price, as it failed to update after the first sale. Otherwise could be just another tech glitch!

  • @Frank-Mole-Pepys a possible scenario could be that the remaining 295 odd shares are listed at 1.10 eg therefore raising the average, this is where depth can also be helpful

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