Price drops

  • Can we be expecting more lower prices like we did last Sunday when they re roll order books ?

  • @Lloyddavies always been Sunday sell offs going back years. Nothing new about that. But 5xIPD’s are making them extra spicy at the mo. This IPD promotion finishes in a few days time. So the Sunday sell offs will be more reasonable.

  • Or are you talking about the “black Sunday” sell off 2 weeks ago? If you are, I doubt we will see anything like that again. That was an anomaly. When they reintroduce order books in the finished format, you will see the depth of market. So if ppl start trying to low ball and collapse the market again, you will just see 2 twats bidding low and everyone else offering normal prices.

  • I think there'll be a bit of price drop in IPD players with poor PB scores but hopefully won't be too drastic and if everyone sells them, you might even be able to get Aubemayang for example at a decent price. And when people hoover up the lower prices on these players, they should normalise at a reasonable price.

  • Banned

    And most people won't understand that and prices will drop hugely again

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