Are the 24hour and weekly figures....

  • Fecked again?

    Been down around £100 every day for a while now. My 7 day figures is nearly a grand up?

    The only true figure I trust now is my all time profit figure. And looking at that makes me cry now.

    Roll on the weekend and all that in play div money and opportunities to sell on spikes!!!!!

  • @Millerman Yeah mine is telling me Ive made 1000+ this week but my port value is the lowest its been this week.

    I'll be honest im just about ignoring FI at this point lol.

    Anyone have any idea when we can expect some form of normality so can start taking this all seriously again?

  • Mine have been wrong for a long time now! It only just dipped into a minus on brown Sunday when my portfolio was having a haemorrhage.

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