Happy Friday Everyone.......

  • Bit late today - work pfffft.

    Not got much to say........maybe its cos I is thick and don't really understand what is going on.

    The only words of wisdom I shall give you today is that it is very important to let ladies who work for mortgage brokers finish talking and allow themselves to finish.

    I will set the scene......

    Buying a house.
    Covid come along.
    Mortgage offer expired.
    Still buying house.
    Chase mortgage women for new figures
    Still buying a house.
    Keep chasing.
    Copy her director in, cos that will teach you for me chasing.
    Still buying house.

    Get figures today, old figures were £547.29 a month for 5 years then £739.35 for 15 years. New figures £550.11 a month for 5 years then £611.99 for 15 years. But I need to say yes within 72 hours or I will lose those figures.

    Only I read the new figures as 1 monthly payment of £547.29 then £739.35.....i'm kicking off saying 'your taking the piss etc.......i have to chase and your having my pants down' oh you want me to dance to your speedy tune now do you.....(I have an audience at work, so I'm whipping the sarcasm level up to top notch).

    Hello.....(me again, where the fecks she gone now!!!)

    Hi Mr Wilkinson, its 550 a month for 5 years and the less than 700 a month for the remainder of your mortgage , so only a couple of quid more and overall a much better deal.

    Sorry.......just need to do something urgent......i hang up.

    E-mail sent saying those figures look fine.

    Always let women have their say, especially when your a fucking tool and can't read.

    Anyway - pot arm the nearest nob-head next to you, love the people you don't like, ask if everyone is sound. Have a cracking weekend....and I hope sometime we can arrange a zoom soccer saturday or something like that in the future so we can take the piss out of each other until we can meet up.

    Laterz all.

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