Pogba in free-fall?

  • Form is temporary, class is permenant.. But what do we actually make of him???

    I have been picking up some low hanging Pogbas lately, and thought getting any for under £5.00 was a steal. But now, after todays game, I have started to notice the rot in these fruitful investments. I believe, if he would have a few good games and win PB a few times he would suddenly get back up.
    With the new bidding system I kinda doubt it.. What are your thoughts gentz ??

  • @JonnyMcFunny I remember when he commanded pre split of £24 a share!
    Wow that seems a long time ago.
    He is just a defensive midfielder atm and we know they are never popular and his once vital mb that drove his price has almot totally dried up.
    At the moment he is i hate to say fair price or arguably over priced 🤨🤔

  • @JonnyMcFunny about two months ago I picked up Pogba for £6.70 which I thought was a great price and was widely seen as a 'steal' at the time. About a month later I dumped for £5.40....

    So what's changed?

    For a start Pogbas money back seems to have dried up both now and most likely in the future. There are other juicier transfer stories rumbling on probably into next season (Sancho/Messi/Mbappe) and he's not the single focus of Manchester United's on pitch performance anymore.

    In addition his PB game looks non existent in a Manchester United line up where he's playing deep and Bruno has penalties.

    So no MB dominance like in the past few seasons / no real chance of PB and an incoming system that will value a player based on what people are willing to pay. His price decline could be pretty brutal over the next few months.

    Of course that's my opinion and if others see it different well then I'd suggest the next few months will present a great buying opportunity.

  • He’s just an expensive Fred!

    Pogba will never (Maybe once somewhere along the line if he scored) beat Bruno to PB given that Bruno is on set pieces. Now that MB is more performance/transfer related, he won’t win just for getting a haircut. He can have a spike during transfer spec and maybe rise again at a different club.

  • @JonnyMcFunny ur about 2 years to late now for pogba. Save ur pennies mite win some divs if he moves but will drop after cant understand why people get attached to certain players when in free fall and no divs

  • I think its just the IPD sell off TBH. Man U don't have any more games in the promo, the majority bought for the promo and didn't plan on holding for 3 years.

  • And now he has 0 Buy offers on the market!

  • @JonnyMcFunny Im unsure about the market right now, god knows whats going to happen with anyone right now.

    Perfect world where FI isnt broken like it is right now?
    I see him rising if he has a couple of good games.
    Personally I hate him, he thinks he is hot shit that can't be replaced, turns out he can be as he aint all that special.

    I dont know if he will ever return to his former glory, but anything is possible I guess.

  • Is @JonnyMcFunny the alter ego of @johnboywalker ?

  • @Kanzz The fear was his price would tank if he left the Pl but right now the only way to turn the tide for his price would be a transfer out of Utd.
    He is producing nothing at Utd in the position hes playing.
    The main man is Fernandes and that is not going to change.
    A move to France or even Italy would price him higher as long as he plays further forward.
    He is just a DM and we know they're worth on the index.
    His Mb has all but died.
    Can anyone see any kind of recovery?
    Only chance would be an injury to Fernandes and he slots in there🤔

  • @Gazz127 said in Pogba in free-fall?:

    Only chance would be an injury to Fernandes and he slots in there🤔

    As someone who holds Pogba..

    I’m actually tempted running onto the pitch and 2 footing Bruno.

  • @r0ss Buy enough shares to make it worth it and you will be a legend lol

  • @r0ss said in Pogba in free-fall?:

    @Gazz127 said in Pogba in free-fall?:

    Only chance would be an injury to Fernandes and he slots in there🤔

    As someone who holds Pogba..

    I’m actually tempted running onto the pitch and 2 footing Bruno.

    Good luck with that...your ‘2 foot challenge’ will be comparable to tickling Fernandes with a feather duster! Have you checked Bruno’s injury history? He isn’t ‘chop sticks for bones’ Gareth Bale or Darren ‘sick note’ Anderton y’know! You’d be better off taking on a Panzer IV tank in a brawl! 😂🤣

  • He doesn't even have an IS price at the moment.

  • @GDS Happens daily.

  • @Roon

    If that's the case then that would suggest he is still very over priced, with his drop just being slowed by the emergency measures FI have brought in. When these are removed he could see a big drop.

  • @GDS don't tell that to his army of followers who were all over him at £6+. Personally see no appeal in him but plenty still do so if desperate folk could still get out at £4.50 if patient over the next month potentially.

  • I’ve just IS my 300 Pogba’s. I can only see him falling more and more in the coming months. Lost over £900, but I’m hopeful I will make that back in the coming months. Bruno Fernandes, Neymar and Messi top up time for me! All the best to those who still hold, but that ‘hole in the sinking Pogba ship’ is far too wide to patch up any longer.

    Onto my next dilemma...will I be watching the PSG or Barcelona match tonight? A far trickier decision than selling Pogba for me.

  • The only long term question with Pogba is "does the rise of Bruno and DvdB mean there is an inevitable transfer rollercoaster?"

    If so, he'll rise.

    Might be in a more attacking prominent position for the Euros but with all the short term instability with Utd, FI and the world, I wouldn't be banking on that just yet.

  • I've thought Pogba was a no-go area for some time. When he was long term injured and linked away from Man Utd, there was always the right that he would get sold... then he'd plummet.

    The interest in the media has cooled on him, like it did with Salah, but Pogba doesn't get great PB - just the odd quality game.

    Then, when you're competing with Fernandes for PB and MB... the upside doesn't sound too good. It might be worth waiting for that quality game and selling on the spike.

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