Is FI really a long-term investment platform?

  • Looking at the IS prices and how traders profit from its fluctuation, the incentive clearly lies on pure short term speculation: mass bid buying and mass IS selling during very short periods of time (hours or a day).

    If you invest on young promising players and wait for a whole year, does it make sense anymore? I think the essence of the long term view is gone.

  • To answer your question, yes.

    Since i began two years ago, i've reached an all time profit of 30%. Not once have i traded based on short term speculation and mass bidding/IS like you say.

    The market right now is an IPD market, flipping at it's finest. This will soon transition into a less volatile, more sensical market...with money moving into the strongest holds with the highest yield potential.

  • @Meridismo04 I think your wrong in what you say fi want as many peopke to buy and sell to get as much commission as they can. they wernt happy with how you could buy players and sit on them so turned it more into gambling than long term. I did long term and was easy cash divs n cap now its different the easy money is flipping if you get the calls right can make more profit in a month than a year now

  • @CLACKETT There's no easy money in flipping. For every good call, you make two or three bad ones.

    You can get away with it in the current climate, because you're getting 10p for a goal/assist. This time next weekend, it's 2p.

    Flipping is perfect when you can get a 20/30% return on a player within a few hours, then sell after commission for solid profit.

    It will be extremely difficult to be able to profit like how many have been since the beginning of this 5x IPD promotion, in my opinion.

    Hence the shift towards more of a long term strategy, more money going into the top PB and MB winners.

  • In financial terms, a long term investment would usually be five to ten years - more like 10 years really so Football Index is obviously not a long term investment platform.

    That said if you get the right players and hold them for reasonable period (what people would wrongly term long-term) then you can probably make decent money. You definitely could in the past very easily and probably can in the future as well.

  • It’s frenetic at the moment, with IPD’s and volatility. But the long term possibilities for gains are obscene. As much so as it’s ever been. With prices so low, there is extreme value.

  • I think the problems begin when you become entrenched in a mindset and are unwilling to adapt.

    The FI goalposts are constantly on the move, but if you expect this to be the norm, then you won't go far wrong.

    At the moment, quick flipping appears the easiest way to make money due to the IPD bonus, but there are still hundreds of 'long term investment' opportunities to be had across the platform.

    Ntcham at Celtic for 40p or Grimaldo at Benfica for 55p.

    Surely, within the next 3 years they will both end up at clubs in PB leagues. When that happens, I would expect them both to double in price.

    My advice is to cover all the bases and then you won't be left over exposed when the tide turns.

  • @Meridismo04 maybe 1 in 3 for urself but if ur waiting for the divs ur waiting to long to get rid of I'm unless they are super cheap im In n out as soon quicker than a virgin popping his cherry! They want sales these litle ipds and litle tweeks are here to stay mayb not all the time but they here to stay especially when ppl get stuck with shit players

  • I think it can be a long-ish term investment but at the moment, the recent volatility has made it feel otherwise. Certainly if you joined a few years ago and held onto most of your futures, I'm sure you'd be way up even with the recent market drop. As mentioned above, best to try to have a diverse portfolio and be adaptable!

  • @NewUser549344

    I think it can still be a long term investment and profitable to buy, hold and do nothing. I also believe it is more profitable, and more fun, to buy and sell, increase and decrease your holds throughout the duration of your bet.

    I used to be a firm advocate of "hold, hold, hold" and have had many players rise from £1 to £2 and then slowly drop in price again. I now believe it is better to buy at £1, sell at £1.20, buy back at £1.15, sell at £1.40, buy back at £1.30 etc etc. More active, more dividend opportunities and keeps your shares "younger" as you sell off old shares.

    Diverse portfolio and diverse strategy is usually a solid approach.

  • long term investment always was and still remains my aim. i have 200 odd players to cover all the bases and in most cases they were intended to be long term investments. i cant say i haven't been unsettled by the changes but do believe these ipds ( from which i have benefitted with a few mistakes too) have destabilised a financially thin market. people have taken out of long term holds to get on these ipd defenders etc but will reinvest the money back into the longer term holds once the dust is settled. my big hope is in the intrinsic value of each share now that dividends have almost doubled together with more visible marketing . ( see fantasy football hub or the daily mail). i'm proceeding with caution but haven't lost faith in the product

  • Man so much uncertainty going on at the moment. I really want this product to succeed, it’s amazing and I think we all agree. Hoping ‘hold, hold, hold’ will be a good idea when I look at it in 1 year time. Mainly a young player based port.

    This is a bit like in reality: should the state intervene on matters because otherwise predatory actions arise or leave them entirely into the hands of the market actors because its hands obstruct business? I guess a mid point is fair if we want this to be up and running in years time. I’m no expert but wouldn’t tightening or limiting to reasonable limits both the sell (not to just 1p below like it is now obviously) and bid (to certain % of the players’s value) orders help?

  • There was a stat a while ago that the average hold was 3 days. (Before covid)

  • Really? That goes to show the very short time players hold on shares for; sick! Totally unhealthy for the long term viability of the product.

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