Mischief Afoot

  • Low bids going in on Kane, Son and Gnabry that I hold. Looks like some folk are up to mischief early today. Trying to crash market again? Or just looking for an opportunity.

    What are the general thoughts?

    Don't think these had a good game today.

  • @Kipper72

    They just happen to be the highest anyone is prepared to pay for them at the moment

  • @Kipper72 maybe the bids have always been there but are only showing now as people have taken the bus that were higher...

  • Very few people buying them post match, so those that are willing to buy are able to put in low offers. People were holding these players for the 5 x IPD promo, but that's effectively over for these players now. Expect to see the same for any of the Man City players who don't score today, or any of the Arsenal and Liverpool players who don't score tomorrow.

    People are anticipating a drop in prices when the 5 x IPD promo ends and another drop when full order books are implemented. As a result a lot of people are looking to offload now, while very few people are looking to buy. So those that are buying can afford to put in low ball offers. Son didn't even have an IS price a few minutes ago.

  • Nearly the end of the ipd window, was inevitable.

  • Those prices don't seem too mischievous, not too concerning - doesn't mean there won't be some big drops at the end of the weekend though.

  • Thanks all.... I was wondering if I should top up now or wait for a melt down. I'll tread carefully for now.

  • @Kipper72 I'd be patient, these prices look to be reactions to the match, the reaction to the bonus ending will be more gradual. I think you'll get Kane a lot cheaper this week (I hold as well but watching curiously).

    EDIT: however he has assist IPD coming in so if you think he's cheap now go for it, but I'd say hold off if you want a better price.

  • @Kipper72 in the current state many have no interest in accepting offers, myself included. The 1p below isnt allowing seller’s to go as low as they want so i know these people are willing to go lower, that means buyers are better of bidding even lower than accepting offers.

    I really want FI to let the order book run openly and let the market correct itself. What they are currently doing is just making sellers frustrated and will cause anther crash as they are desperate to sell and others panic

  • @Black-Wolf

    100% the longer this goes on for the bigger the crash when it is removed. Particularly for anyone new buying in at these artificial prices.

    All the changes have done is recreate the problems we had before. People can't sell at what they consider reasonable levels, meaning when they can there will be pent up demand. Unless that is matched by buy demand prices are going to tumble.

    What we have at the moment is the worst of both worlds.

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