• People thinks he’s worth buying now at £1.10? 30p divs and could easily sell for 90p-£1 I reckon for a nice profit seeing as they have another game midweek in the IPD window which surely he’ll start in?!

  • @chaps1988 will he surely start? He's been brought in as a back up striker hasn't he?

    Felix and Costa both scored and seemingly played well.

    Could still be a good buy though just based on the idea he will start if you get me.

  • @howsthebacon surely he'll be first choice...i don't hold as foolishly decided against getting involved last week when he was bossing media and opted for the "safer" longer term hold of Joao Felix. Costa isn't the player he used to be, i suspect they'll rotate a bit but reckon it's Suarez and JF as first choice with costa coming on last half hour for more shithousery. Luis despite age is still twice the player Costa has ever been IMO. Could be completely wrong but id be shocked if Luis has gone there as a back up. Hopefully you're right though as i already missed out on some tastey divs and solid cap app by deciding against him last week.

  • @BlameItOnTraore oh yeah in terms of ability Saurez is twice the player but just depends if they have a system already set up with the big man little man Costa/Felix. But you're right Suarez clearly still has a lot left in the tank, I think we'll see some rotation.

  • Difficult one, I can't imagine that Suarez has gone there to be a backup player, and they must be paying him a shit ton of money even if he took a 50% pay cut!

    Whatever happens he should see a fair bit of game time in the league and CL!

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