Where's your money gone?

  • So who have you been buying in the last few days ahead of this morning's mad rush. I've gone for a large spread of pb players for next year. Plus a bit of transfer spec

  • Is PB not a bit of a minefield?
    So many players eligible anyone could win it.
    I'm relatively new on here so just asking the question

  • @Comrade I've found it to be very profitable for myself but then I'm very analytical. It may not be the best time to Buy on with summer coming. But I can't be chasing transfer rumours so I've just bought for next season while they are down and assume it will be at least level come mid August if not up.

  • I've only once won a PB. However, not sure it counts as it was a pre-2pm kick off and a player scored 2 goals. It is a bit of a minefield, however there are players who are constantly towards the top of the rankings. It is simply a case of identifying those players. For example, in defence the likes of Koubaily, Alves and Kimmich are always towards the top and in attack you have the likes of Salah, Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo at the top end and Depay, and Reus.

  • Pogba and Rashford
    Bit of Kane, although he dropped!

    I think all 3 have longevity long term.

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