• Anyone one know why Antoine Greizmann has gone down ?

    He is currently in the eurapa final, transfer rumours and will be main striker for France.

  • @NewUser81859 Is he more valuable at Barca then Athleti next year? Rumours resurfacing deal done.

  • @NewUser81859

    I've had a good think about this one ... And ending up selling my 20 futures at a loss.

    Atletico win games, but seldom dominate. He is part of a winning team, rather than being solely responsible for the team winning. So doesn't seem to be scoring great on the PB.

    For France, I think he will be a main player at the world cup, and this is a decent reason to keep a hold of him.

    My concern is that if he goes to Barcelona, he then starts competing against Suarez, Messi and Dembele for PB (all forwards).

    All the rumours seem to indicate he will go to Barca. If he ends up in the English premier league, then yes, reinvest. He will win media buzz and would be a star man for any team in that league.

    That's my logic anyways ...

  • Yeah given the price of suarez, countinho and dembele, griezemann price has always seemed a bit out of kilter. People are probably gambling he won't go to Barcelona.

  • True, but at this stage its all just rumours, look at what happened to the Sanchez situation. He was more likely to go to city, it was like the transfer was confirmed and then last minute Man Utd come in and make a bid and buy him instead.

  • I wasn't here then, but last summer Griezmann went from £7.22 to £1.72 in fairly short order. You can still see it on his 1 year graph. Think everyone thought Man Utd was nailed on but he came out and said he was staying at Atletico. (Anyone who was trading then please correct me if I'm wrong)

    Not saying he'll plummet like that again if he goes to Barca but it's probably not going to be good for his price. Transfer window could be a serious reality check as there are a lot of inflated prices around and if moves don't come off then there could be carnage.

  • Although thinking about it, PB should negate that a little bit. I think a lot of money in SMS for example is for a Man Utd move but if it doesn't come off, he's still decent for PB so his price probably wouldn't crumble if he stays at Lazio.

  • @Jazzman Agree completely with both your points. PB does give you a crutch but people need to remember that Potential PB will also influence prices. Both SMS and Griezmann are likely to fall with their proposed trfs less MB and PB opportunities.

    Many players are overpriced many are underpriced at the moment but there will be many many many peaks and troughs. Hence why everyone was trying to get the message outa 5p drop is nothing. We been through massive pound drops and IS turned off.

    Manager changes could be interesting for PB next year.

  • @toaster-poster completely agree that both players prices will fall after the transfer and that SMS will be worse off for PB but I actually think Griezmanns PB will improve if he went to Barca. Moving from a team that plays defensive football to one that regularly puts 3+ goals past their opponents should only improve his scores in my opinion. I know he will be going from a team where he is the main man to being second fiddle to Messi but I think playing with Messi will help him a huge amount. He should have more chances per game and I think he'll be scoring at least 5 more goals per season so I think it could actually be good for him PB wise.

  • @MrFrenchTickler Weigh those goals against he up against Messi every game and Messi doesn't miss many games...

    If Messi is still the key man can see him struggling we will see tbh could go either way... Plus also benefits if Messi gets injured... Will be off to Argentina at some point

  • I've gone in at £4.88 today as am hoping for c.£6.50 prior to world cup..... He looked extremely sharp in the europa semi, reckon he will be the main transfer news for this summer again (as he was last year for consistent media buzz) plus world cup frenzy to commence......

  • @TheFearlessFox Leicester fans ?

  • @TheFearlessFox

    All the best mate, but if he goes to Barca, yes he will score goals, yes he will have a great season, yes he will (probably) win the league.

    Will he outshine Messi? No.

    Everything in that Barca teams goes through him, every player defers to Messi. Watch Coutinhos recent game against Real Madrid if you disagree.

    At Liverpool, coutinho was the main man, the instigator of moves and the central playmaker. At Barca, he is just another back up singer to Messi (who seldom gets injured, probably because of those growth hormones/steroids he used to neck as a kid, but don't get me started on that!!)

    Suarez -2.18
    Dembele - 3.02
    Coutinho - 3.11
    Rakitic - 1.37

    Listen, I don't hate the kid ... Greizmann has great hair. But if this Barca move comes off, he will be back down at his July 2017 price of 3 quid.

  • @johnboywalker cheers, although not really bothered about griezeman's price after he joins barca !! On media buzz and transfer speculation alone - pre world cup- am hoping for a minimum 30% return........

  • @FOF yes mate, and can't see mahrez at barca either !!!

  • @TheFearlessFox

    I guess you're in a better position than most Griezmann investors, who are seeing his value drop day in day out. (I was one of them). Now could be seen as a logical time to buy!

    He will be the main man for France at the World Cup, so fingers crossed you make a few quid out of that!

    Maybe If he dyes his hair blue and gets a dashing yellow lightning bolt shaved into his heed, his price will go up ...

  • @TheFearlessFox am a season holder . Mahrez is a lazy player who can’t defend and don’t track back .

  • @TheFearlessFox said in Griezmann:

    @johnboywalker cheers, although not really bothered about griezeman's price after he joins barca !! On media buzz and transfer speculation alone - pre world cup- am hoping for a minimum 30% return........

    Moving to barcelona is not the same as moving to the premier league. Naymar is the only transfer I can remember that didnt involve a premier league side and won media. Speculation on british transfers either in or out is far more relevant than a transfer between two spanish clubs.

    Really depends on whether there is serious speculation about him moving to united or another prem side.

  • @FOF , he's by far our most quality and creative player, he ain't no water carrier, the grief he gets by so many at the KP, it's no wonder why he wants to do one.....
    He is arguably the greatest player we've ever had, blessed to have seen him play for us!!!

  • @mike778 it's a good point, so hopefully a bidding war commence's... I can definitely see mourinho being extremely keen to take him........ To be honest, any of the top 6 should be in for him, he is top class.......

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