Really like this suggestion made on Twitter. Thoughts?

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    That would certainly make things a lot more interesting! Would FI ever do this? Would certainly bring in more interest from new users...and I might begin to put money back in if it was to happen. 🤔

  • @Sol Intresting idea, I cant imagine FI doing anything like that anytime soon. However IF and when they do start going over to Europe that could maybe be something that gets talked about.

    Could you imagine 3-4 nations worth of money in the index at the same time with multiple double digit dividend payouts for multiple leagues.......shits the future baby if you ask me.

  • @Sol great idea although we've just had huge div increase, alot of changes in last 6 months or so, people are asking for stability then trying to change it again. We're close or at least it feels close to order book implementation, lets see what all this brings first (although I'm hoping people arent expecting immediate change). Not saying it isn't a great idea but not something that will be added anytime soon.

  • Not sure how realistic but they could make IPDs constant rather than just 30 days, would make holds a lot more valuable, probs not a viable option but some sort of reward even if you don’t win PB would be good , eg 1p per 1000 points or something

  • @PompeyFc yes, or rather have IDP locks. For example a amount of IPD a player is able to achieve before it becomes locked. So you are likely to hold a player until he has reached his IPD value, which means you'd hold your player in most circumstances for over 30 days.

    Then again, FI wouldn't like that, imagine the turnover on flipping players after they have expired their 30 day period?!

  • @UncleBeard yeah good point FI want people to trade as much as possible for the commission, just only 5 players a day winning divs out of so many isn’t great

  • Yeah absolutely agree. The suggestion of tiered IPD has been circulating on social media. It would spread the money a little more, and would certainly add some excitement.

    I'd just quite like all of FI's energy and efforts pumped into bringing the NASDAQ order books in, at the moment the fundamental system isn't performing well, and all these X5 inplay, deposit bonus, and whatever else comes, are plasters on a cracked bucket.

    I fear market instability and a largely compulsive customer base will lead to big issues soon enough.

  • The issue isn't that we need higher dividends. The new dividend table is more than generous.

    We have had dividends doubled and there has been no increase in player prices so this clearly isn't the issue.

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