Buying and selling whole portfolios

  • Apologies if this has been asked or discussed before, but can people buy whole portfolios from each other?

    If they can't I think that this feature should be considered. Rather than a dis-illusioned portfolio holder either having to sell at the total arbitrary and mostly ridiculous instant sell figures that we are seeing now, or hang around moaning and making others question where things are going, this would offer opportunity for people to get out a fairer price or acquire a good long term portfolio at a discount to the current buy price.

    If Football Index take a small admin fee for the transfer, it's a win/win/win isn't it?

  • @NewUser173987 so basically FI looks at your entire port and gives you a figure that might not be as much as ISing the lot but it's quick and easy? I then guess FI would just re sell those shares on to people, actually not sure how that would work.

    Or are you saying another punter can get your whole port at a discounted fee basically to save you the time of ISing?

    The first of these two options is like a - the latter could be a good idea for any big whales out there, who see value in the long term when someone is just sick of FI and wants out immediately.

  • Is this your port? If so DM me and give me more details.

  • @UncleBeard
    I wasn't thinking specifically about my own portfolio, just that there could be interest in this arrangement from both sides.

  • @howsthebacon

    I was thinking of the latter as a fairer alternative to just taking whatever overly low IS price had been set by the Index.

  • @NewUser173987 the IS price is set by the bidders though no?

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