What would Jason Bourne do?

  • I'm probably like a lot of casual users of FI, using basic meditation techniques as a way of avoiding panic selling. I've been glued to the forum for the last month and there seem to be some rational thinkers in here. And it is to the wisdom of the forum that I am now raise the following appeal.

    I hold a very small folio (under £500). Three quarters of my holds are around in the top 200 and I started about a year ago focusing on youth. I am down around 18% and I am starting to think, should I hit instant sell and once I have got over that pain reinvest with a focus on dividend winners and a few bulk buy 20-40p players? Or should I sit tight or do something else?

    I'm sure there is a good reason for doing all three but it is always useful to get a second, third , fourth, etc opinion. Thanks in advance.

  • @NewUser469373 difficult one mate, you need to balance up how much you'll lose with how much you can realistically gain?

    Maybe some of your youth players could be sold (ones who aren't going anywhere or looking like they'll earn PB soon) in return for solid PB players like Kimmich, De Bruyne and Messi?

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