• Thoughts on his price if move to United goes through ? I understand players usually drop after a move but perhaps this would be an exception and increase his FI value ?

  • Difficult to discuss as not sure how exp expereinced you are...
    He's £1- maybe £2 shy of man u TRF price maybe more.

    After the TRF he'll fall, remember he has comp for mb and he is at united so unlikely to win much PB I think he'll fall a couple of times

  • Was going to post the exact same question on here this morning, be interesting to see what people think.
    I personally think his price should hold pretty firm, then it would depend on how he gets on... recently mourinho seems to have a way of ruining the big signings within months of them joining, you’d think its time he got 1 right haha

  • If it drags on a bit then i can see him hitting £6 and then a big drop if and when he joins down to about £3.

  • I think for the marquee signing of the summer he'll actually hold pretty steady around £5. The press interest will be huge.

  • @playingcards1 Maybe you want this transfer to be after during the world cup... if it happens early and i am on the understanding Mourinho Pep Klopp are desperate to get their business done pre WC this year. The press will move onto the WC then some other trfs. Reasons Prices and Squad preparation.

    If he goes early he will drop out of the news IMO, not the same sort of presence as Pogba, Pogba also had the advantage of coming back to his old club and his far showy personality. We are not hearing about SMS coming out with crazy stories he seems a normal guy.

    I don't see him holding for long I just can't see the MB/PB pull, a great player not sure he is going to score the big goals constantly to get the MB win in the day.

  • What is the difference between him and Matic, not really that much, how much media has Matic won or pb, hardly anything - look at his price that’s your answer.

  • @NewUser60527 more like Pogba than Matic. Much more attacking, he's a very good player but I don't see him and Pogba working together. The team would have better Ballance with a pure passer like jorgino then another box to box type player.

    But Jose has won the champions league and I haven't (unless FM counts) so I could be wrong.

  • @NewUser60527 from a FI perspective if he starts well and scores goals he will have a media attraction. I don't think he will replace pogba as United's biggest stars but he would fit closer to Sanchez than Matic and is much younger so could be a player for them for the long term.

  • @NewUser60527 have you ever even seen SMS play? He's a completely different player to Matic so the comparison doesn't really work. His price will drop after he signs though. He will be worse for PB at United but I believe he will be one of the best Midfielders in the world in the next few years and if he can hit the ground running the media will be all over him so he could actually become a decent MB player.

  • @MrFrenchTickler don't think he has the personality of pogba for MB...

    You're forgetting he's white, tall and Serbian , that's enough for some people. He's also like Ivanovic and Vidic.

  • @toaster-poster 😂😂😂😂

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