why do people keep saying everything

  • why do people keep saying everything when for the last 4 days there have only been 4 or 5 players up and 140 down I don't get how they are making money my post has dropped £100 every day for the last 9 days

  • Banned

    Because it's not about cap app anymore.

    To make money you have to trade between the spreads and you need to be good at it.

  • I put this on another thread: But these are just 2 examples recently

    I was buying Angel Correa yesterday for 63p and IS for 76p a couple of hours later, 24% profit.
    I IS Michael Keane the day after he won divs for 33% loss but made 60% in dividends.
    So much easy profit out there if people look for it.

    Alexander Isak, Alejandro Gomez, Maupay, Ben Yedder, these are some of the players i've made 10%-25% over the past week or so. I dont think any of them have actually gone up in price, but trading between the spreads and in-play trading.

  • @NewUser130968

    I'm in a similar position in that my stated portfolio 'value' has been falling every day this week.

    But the falls are offset by the dividends I'm winning. Plus the falls won't continue forever, so I'm using those dividends to hoover up cheap futures in players (including goalkeepers) who should win even more dividends.

    When the market turns green again in 1/3/6 months (or whenever it does), I'll hold far more futures than I had previously and should experience significant growth.

    In the meantime, earning dividends is the way to go (for me).

  • Both Hakimi and Lukaku have just returned 20% of their value in the last 45 minutes, Gigliardini has returned 40%, so what if they go down in value, just means you can make more in the long run!!😆

  • @NewUser130968 dividends and trading between the spreads. FI is a goldmine at present the cost price of my portfolio has increased 25% in the last month

  • @ocs123 Think we are in the same boat bud, go hard or go home.

    Ive been topping up threw these price drops, its either going to be the dumbest move or the smartest move Ive ever made.

    Will find out in 6-12 months I guess lol, may we all get rich .

  • Their is value everywhere, you just need to find it and then have the courage to pull the trigger.

    I have IS 300 Kimmich in the last 24 hours. He is one of the safest and best holds on FI at the moment and is holding his price. I see value everywhere else so I have sold him to get involved elsewhere.

    Portfolio value is a meaningless number and is holding you back.

    Good luck 👍

  • @Martyn-B yep i just concentrate on raising the cost price of my portfolio. All the other figures are just indicators for me to know if people are buying or selling my holds which tells me when to top up or when to sell

  • @Black-Wolf

    I have had a massive change of opinion about portfolio value and the red and blue numbers. I used to think being at 100% was the Holy Grail, I now see it as a wasted opportunity. Big gains, sell up, big losses, top up!! Only numbers that matter are portfolio cost and dividends won.

  • @Martyn-B exactly.

  • @Zizou This is exactly where the biggest incentive lies at the moment. I have nothing against you (and many others!) profiting from this opportunity, I would probably do the same if I could, but it just goes to show what FI is right now: a pure IS speculation based platform; also nobody knows what the real price of most of the players is and that contributes to the overall mess. They ‘intervened’ on the offers side but they didn’t in the bidding side, I think they should have limited more the bidding levels at the same time.

    I still have faith in the product and am not selling my shares! I would rather lose it all if it collapses than living with the regret of having sold it all and seeing all the effort was in fact worth it!

  • @Black-Wolf this is a wind up right?

  • @Martyn-B Interesting, had been looking to skim as I hold 215 shares as I'm looking at how to create some capital to shop. Maybe a little more than skim....

  • @NewUser549344 I'm struggling to upload pics. I was trying to show a screenshot of a tweet I sent yesterday about the same subject. So here's a copy and paste.

    I can't value players at the moment so have sold everyone and just playing with a cash balance and short term trading.

  • @NewUser666716 said in why do people keep saying everything:

    @Black-Wolf this is a wind up right?

    No? However its over the last 2 months sorry. Ive earned just over £800 in dividends and £600 through trading between the spreads

  • @Zizou

    There is definitely some money to be made in the short game.. It is in FI's interest to create the conditions for short term trading, as it means more commission for them - so they create favourable conditions with IPDs.. If played well it can be a very profitable tactic going forward with 2p a goal or assist or a clean sheet, and 4p for a goal for a defender...

    There will be lots of good opportunities for short term plays and a decent amount of liquidity to move in and out of holds as others will be playing the same game... But it is not an easy game and takes some trial and error

    I have always traded long but I am going to mix it up more and see whether I am any good at the short game. With order books I think I will find it a bit easier to trade short as there are more opportunities. I can be the instant sell option for people who are selling off and then be the market buy option when people are buying again, even on the same day sometimes at a 50% swing...

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