timing your buys

  • i should have a little to invest in my port but am thinking of he following. is it best to

    • invest now. prices wont drop further (and can always sell at profit at end of the bonus period)?
      -wait for bottoming out of market as people will still be selling atm?
      -. keep a balance for opportunities?

  • I think FI will lower the offer limit at some point soon from the 1p, not quite sure how the market will react to that.

    For now I'd suggest whatever balance your playing with don't go all in. For example if your after 20 shares in a player and think you can pick him up at a great price bid for 10 now and come back again next week for the other 10.

  • @jonathan-rolfe I have no new money left to put in personally but earning a reasonable amount of divs which I put straight into bids.

    The market will likely drop some more but when it gets moving I see less people selling to bids so it will be market buying; with that in mind you have to balance chance to offer low bids now in a buyers market or pay slightly more on the rise when sellers control things more.

    At least that’s the way I see it, so as above maybe 50% now 50% once you see the upturn start if you can react quick enough.

    Clearly it depends what players you are looking at.

  • @Sav2000 cheers. im gonna observe how things go today. Certainly a lot of selling this morning so far

  • @jonathan-rolfe I'd be looking at lower end of the market (£1) as a lot don't have much further to fall and a lot more to gain. Also look for the ones who have dropped recently

    I can only give examples of my own port as here I can see where there's low bids in. Nicolas Fullkrug scored a hat trick last week - his sell price is 32p. Next games against Bielefeld and Freiburg. Good games there, spread tightens, cash out for profit mid game, avoiding the dividends as I imagine there will be obligatory users not reading rules and still thinking 5*ipd is on

    Hinteregger-joint top scoring Bundesliga defender last season. Sell price 51p

    2 quick examples but there's countless others. I realise they are reasonably old in football terms, but someone else could give young examples , I am working.I really think there are bargains to be had this game week but also long term.

    There's going to be a ton of users stuck with shit ipd players, who will instant sell during a game once they realise that pb is current flavour of the week.

    And buy keepers!

  • @jonathan-rolfe they don’t show all buys on the tracker mind only market price ones I’m sure .. it looks like more sells than buys but the bid ones to show

  • @Doddy said in timing your buys:

    @jonathan-rolfe they don’t show all buys on the tracker mind only market price ones I’m sure .. it looks like more sells than buys but the bid ones don’t show

  • @Doddy the ticker when showing a buy is a sell order being met (buy now) and when showing a sale is a buy order being met (is), so in a way the bids being met are shown, but from the opposite side if the coin.

    They basically show the action that it takes to complete a bid or offer

  • @Moukoko not big on keepers. just a prejudice i have.but agree on Fulkrug who has come to my attention recently and god knows why i havent bought hinteregger sooner. to be fair i dont think fulkrug is that old anyway. players like Canales/Merino/Campana look very good value too.

  • @Ddr see what you mean. all sells are buy/sells now

  • @jonathan-rolfe can understand the keepers thing. I would prefer not to be on them, as I don't want to cheer on a clean sheet, but there's no denying they are one of the best guarantees of a decent return at current prices.

    I'd also say being obsessed with getting players at the cheapest price is currently stifling the market. Whether you think they will drop in the short term or not, what's a price you would consider reasonable for that player and when would you be comfortable cashing out. Short term drops are a lot less relevant when the 5*ipd aren't here, as there is less reason to recycle holds

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