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  • Have the bid zones been tightened overnight? Just looked at Hakimi, IS says £2.68, lowest bid possible is £3.44 when the buy price is £3.74.

    Dybala is also 30p between current buy price and lowest bid possible.

  • @Harford-is-God Good question. Your 2 examples above allow a bid of approx 8.5% below the offer price. I also checked a few other high price players and found a similar constraint. I am not sure if that is what it used to be or if they have tightened it. Lower priced players have wider bid zones than this but again its difficult to tell if there have been any changes unless you are watching it closely.

  • @Harford-is-God it appears to mate

  • I think they done it sometime yesterday as I posted something similar on another thread. I hold quite a few top 200 and was looking for good top up prices, but when I went to bid the difference between bid zone floor and actual current top bid was huge in some cases

  • I think they are tightening it in anticipation of dropping the 1p restriction on offers sometime this week.

  • @DW heres hoping

  • Just matched Kimmich at his lowest price which was £5.56 then when I checked again his zone dropped to £5.31
    Doesn’t seem to be any structure to the bid zones, they seem to be all over the shop

  • @Gregolocky said in Bid Zone:

    Just matched Kimmich at his lowest price which was £5.56 then when I checked again his zone dropped to £5.31

    I thought id done well just picking him up for 5.70 well done
    how many did you get?

  • @Advinculas-Index 100 and I’ll be going in for more in the next week if it continues

  • @Gregolocky Good work. I too just got more, at 5.58. When the market is going backwards it's always worth putting in a few cheeky low bids

  • It would be reasonable to expect around £4 in PB /TOTM divs in the next 3 years (i know the 3 year thing is potentially no longer going to be relevant) and thats without any further div increases
    Based on him winning the following over the next 3 years
    Who knows, there is also the slim chance that he get re classified as a defender as well at some point(he just got awarded def of the year)

    3 x Gold Days Star Man (1 per season)
    6xSilver Days Star Man (2 per season)
    3xBronze Days Star Man (1 Per season)

    3 x Gold Days Mid PB (1 per season)
    6xSilver Days Mid PB (2 per season)
    3xBronze Days Mid PB (1 Per season)

    and 3 or 4 TOTM placings per season in various position within the top 4

  • @Advinculas-Index Always worth adding in some IPDs if you buy in a good month. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if they extended IPDs to 2 months in time.

    I bought most of my shares on Brown Sunday for 4.02 and including divs and cap app he's not far from doubled already. Probably made me about 80%. Only wish I'd bought more.

    My average price on him is 175 shares at 4.29 now so based on your numbers I'd fancy making 5 or 6 times my money on him in 2-3 years (given my profit so far)

  • Bid zones been loosened again, yesterday morning it was 8.25% for the whole of the top 30, looks like 12.2/12.3% is the zone that's been created now.

    Forum experts, why?

  • Why can I only bid 1p below brunos buy price?

  • @Archer22 you must mean offer to sell?

  • @Dave-B I hypothesised whether they'd increase IPD to try and remind everyone about dividends and improve the sentiment

  • @Harford-is-God they are trying to slow the top end crash, the area they seem to be tampering with is the top 30. The bids available also encourages people to place bids and those bids are more acceptable to the sellers it seems. I reckon they are slowly widening it as the bids slow in the hope of creating more volume in the bids and finding a medium where sellers aren’t ditching holds and buyers are encouraged to raise their bids. They are also widening it to bring it in line with the best of the markets bid floors. They dont want players without bids as it creates panic in the holders because they dont fully understand whats going on.

    What id like to know is why raise the bid floor at all, why not use the market makers instead to buy those shares back on FI’s behalf and reduce their dividend liability?

  • @Harford-is-God I'd like to see them 'baby-sit' people and explain in clear and easy to understand language what and why exactly are they doing at every step of the way. As it is people are being left in the dark and the natural reaction is to 'run for safety' or not do anything

    I'm guessing they are trying to tempt people to bid as high as possible because they know there is plenty of cash sitting on balances ready to go when prices hit the bottom but it is clearly not working. Also if prices are high people are not as tempted to sell as if prices are low. If we hit really low prices at the top end there will be a mass sell off in other areas of the market and complete chaos. Just brainstorming here anyway it is hard to know what their intentions are

    I'd also like to see them put their hand up and admit they've fucked up, i think that would help restore some faith and then proceed to restore and built trust. It would be the best course of action imo but of course that is not going to happen because their are too smug to do it. And obviously I think it is their responsability to restore liquidity to the market specially during a transition period instead of relying on punters to come up with the goods. Obviously it feels like we got to almost a point of no return and everything they try is not going to have the desired effect so maybe just let the whole thing crash and start from scratch (scratch being whatever the market determines of course, not necessarily zero). I don't know. I'm at a loss really 😔

  • Bid zones have dropped massively again on some players in top 200

  • Yeah, Greenwood, Foden bid zones for example way lower than other players. Why do they get special treatment and Pogba for example, does not??? The system makes no sense.

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