Have been confused on Football Index for months, somebody please help?

  • I used to have a 4-figure portfolio as a pretty passive investor, but started slowly liquidating it as soon as Football Index announced changes they'd make to the platform (as I wasn't sure how the markets would react).

    It appears I was lucky to do this, as the £500 or so of players I kept on the platform have gone from a +50% return to a -10%.

    I am now going to attempt to sell all of these players above, and reinvest in football index when I feel more confident in its future, but when I have tried to add players to the sell queue today, I get a notification saying 'The sell queue is unavailable'.

    Why is it unavailable? And how do I sell my players? Is it down for a certain amount of time?

  • @Dakofsta99 gone indefinitely mate. But you can use the offer option to sell the player at a price of your choosing, you can use the market price which is basically the old sell queue I think.

    Normally you'd be able to dictate any price within the spread but atm you can only go 1p lower than the market price as FI are trying to keep things stable currently after Brown Sunday.

    I think that's it summed up - I'll let more experienced users correct me if I'm wrong.

  • I'd suggest looking through the ME threads on here and the Order Book video's that Fig and IrishFI have on youtube

    Have you opted out of emails ? as every evening the market closes from 11pm til 7:30am and FI message out reminders.

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