Can anyone see prices going back up?

  • I bought some crypto two years ago and every day after I bought it, the price went down until it’s now almost £0. I’m getting that same feeling here. Are people confident things can change? Will Nasdaq help? How?
    I love Football Index and it has been great over the years but it’s depressing now. I don’t want to leave due to fomo so I’m sticking around but I’m glad friends ignored me when I advised them to join cos I’d be feeling pretty guilty right now.

  • @HUFCPaul difference between this and crypto is that FI provides dividends so I doubt it'll ever go to 0 but it'll need more liquidity if the prices are gonna go back up again.

  • @howsthebacon Where are they gonna get this liquidity from though? Traders are leaving in their droves at the moment...when Nasdaq does get onboard there'll be about 200 traders left the way things are going.

  • @Wiillaah said in Can anyone see prices going back up?:

    @howsthebacon Where are they gonna get this liquidity from though? Traders are leaving in their droves at the moment...when Nasdaq does get onboard there'll be about 200 traders left the way things are going.

    How do you know they are leaving?

  • @Wiillaah no clue mate I don't work for them haha. If people leave in their droves, prices drop, shares represent good value, other people join or the same people come back when the prices bottom out and I guess we start from scratch in a way...who knows. I just dont believe they'll drop to 0, that's what I was saying.

  • @Palmwa43 Have you taken a look at the ticker lately? It's just a sea of red.

  • @Wiillaah and whilst that is worrying, they're still selling those shares to other people and just cos someone is selling up doesn't mean they're leaving, some may be selling to then wait for price to bottom out and buy back in with the 8% bonus.

    I mean it is a really shit time right now, not trying to sugar coat it but I guess we don't know what other people are doing.

  • what shitcoin did you buy out of interest ?

  • @Wiillaah someone is buying too though

  • This is another thread pleading for reassurance - they are are daily occurrence now and the same reply's are getting recycled and re recycled and boring and the same.

    You are hoping someone will give rock hard proof that you will be a millionaire this time next year which ain't gonna happen.

    Let's get ourselves a pair of balls eh? While you are shitting yourselves I am getting a nice port at a reduced price.

    Of course prices will go back up, How can they not with the new divs?

    "Disclaimer for this reply 2 x large whisky 3 x 500 ml golden ale 1/2 bottle red wine".

  • Due to the need for some spare cash to invest on the conventional stock market I have decided to sell my small holding of players. I liked the initial concept of FI and thought it could be good place to put some spare cash and get a little bonus with dividends and growth. Did quite well initially and it was a bit of fun. Got up to just over 3k cash in FI but my small portfolio literally down a third in value.

    Right now I can put my remaining cash to work and try something else. I will monitor FI and see how the introduction of NASDAQ pans out. If it stabilises and has the necessary liquidity then I'll re-enter the FI market.

    To be honest I wouldn't like to say what the future of FI will be. Sadly this 'pandemic' has done a great deal of damage to many, many areas of our life. without bringing politics into it I believe that the Government has handled it very badly with lockdowns which ultimately serve no purpose whatsoever. There should have been a more targeted approach to the people vulnerable to this virus (which I believe is a man made affair - it certainly wasn't from a couple of bats that just happened to have the lurgy). But back to football and the future... who knows. Premier League clubs might be ok... but others? can you see the likes of Plymouth Argyle or Oxford United lasting long with no gate money. They probably don't get huge attendances in normal times but now... in the era of Covid-19.

    I have a great fear for the future of football as we currently know it i.e. pre Covid over reaction... If my attitude offends anyone then i'm sorry but I believe i am entitled to have my opinion and voice it freely. Thanks.

  • Who knows what the future holds but there will always be football. For every sake FI get 2% commission. I would worry if they were putting their marketing on the back burner.

  • @NewUser278925 Football has survived two world wars. It’ll be ok. Big TV money still there, the bigger clubs hopefully trickle down a small % to lower leagues so we don’t have another Macclesfield.

  • I was reading somewhere that betting companies actually do very well in recessions. Because ppl don’t go on holidays, sit on the sofa and gamble instead.
    So Corona isn’t quite a big a problem as ppl make out.

  • @Palmwa43 so we dont know who is buying, so there is nothing to say it is not earlier punters who know the system in and out and the new people are just getting swallowed up as they panic.

    My concern is that the new punters are losing a fortune and thus taking to social media or even just telling there mates to avoid FI like the plague.

  • @Valhalla you want another reason. People who get paid off or actually start to worry about their money are liable to take more risk and gamble more.

    Sorry state but that is what happens, especially for a gambler.

  • If you bid for a player and it is matched with an offer I think the sale is only going through the ticker. Could be totally wrong here but noticed that earlier when I had a bid matched.

  • @Julian-Noble who would want another Macclesfield - one is enough ;)

  • Now is the buyers market, Phase 2 of the deposit bonus should give a bit of recovery but can see more drop until then especially few days before it starts.

    Should look at the long game, Euros and World Cup are coming a year apart that will boost prices and should be back to normal by then..

  • @NewUser622171 I think my game is to throw some money in just before phase two and hope that phase two brings a little boost and I can either sell for profit or at least see my port value rise.

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