Stop the negative posts please

  • To any of you with money in the index posting negative comments, I kindly request you stop. Anyone new thinking of using this index reading these posts will most likely result in putting them off.

    This will affect the price of the shares, in that they will go down. Which I presume you don't want if you have shares in this platform.

    In the recent announcement the below was stated :

    We are also hosting a Trader Panel on Monday (05/10/20) to listen to feedback from customers who represent a cross-section of our user base. Your feedback is important to us so if you’re not on the panel please email We would actively encourage people to share their feedback via the email address rather than on social media. This is a far more useful and constructive way of sharing your thoughts as it allows us to compile and analyse genuine feedback comprehensively.

    If you have 'issues' with the current state with the index I suggest you join this panel by emailing the above. This makes far for sense then whinging on the forum.

  • Stop policing negativity. It is in the post youve written: this isnt social media. A small minority of users will read forum entries and everyone has a right to be honest, critical, positive, negative, to give their opinion in all forms. Some people are angry too and this is a place for them to vent with others and a more anonymous outlet than social media. It is also the case that percieved negativity, posts pointing out overvalued assets, could have saved money for people on here.

    The ideal scenario is for any subject to be discussed openly and honesty with neither positivity or negativity held back. People share ideas, different points of views, and then those of a neutral persuasion can make their own minds up. Some of us might come over to another's side of things too. But if you think FI, which is worth of hundred of millions, is so vulnerable that a few forum posts will fuel a crash, then it is probably worth considering whether your investment is secure.

    From my point of view, I am not taking money out in any major way as I believe in the dividend earning potential of my assets. I also, maybe stupidly, invested a little in VVD this morning 🤣But that wont stop me giving my honest opinion and it shouldnt stop anyone sharing theirs, whether positive or negative or somewhere in between.

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    Me, reading the OP's post knowing that this will just provoke a reaction from the 'negative' users and start the whole discussion all over again.

  • @Timmy agreed, negativity is fine (as long as it's genuine) and everyone is entitled to an opinion. I think it's the personal insults, name calling and goading that needs to stop. If new users read these posts they are getting a true reflection of where we are at which is you know...everything is up in the air and there is a lot of understandable negativity. We can't just pretend to be happy and become the forum equivalent of a North Korean tourist board.

    And this being said, I am not one of the negative people I just agree that people shouldn't be silenced.

  • @wavelength who are you my mum? I want them to go down a lot more so I can get some bargains which makes the % on players return look more tasty!

  • To any of you with money in the index posting negative comments,

    So the people who cashed out and are waiting for the bottom to buy back in can continue to be realistic about the future of the platform?

    TBH sending comments to an inbox that clearly is designed to get the negativity out of the public eye rather than to make any changes is just to try and trick some new money in the app for the short term, to get the money to stick around they need to be honest about what is going on.

    After all its the twitter backlash that actually stopped the last crash and got IPD ect to smooth some of the losses out. Controversial solution - don't lumber the customers with all the losses for changes that you introduced and they wouldn't have a reason to complain!

  • I've defended some of the negative posts, at least at the beginning as I understand some people just needed to let off steam, and it has been a hell of a shock to our ports. But there are no new nuances, nothing that hasn't already been said a thousand times. If someone has a new slant, fine. But things we know is that prices are still falling, little liquidity and big spreads.

    Mind you the relentlessly positive are also annoying, albeit to a lessor extent. FI have hardly covered themselves in glory either. The frustrating thing is, I reckon alot of the negativity could be mitigated by two simple sentences in a statement. NASDAQ tech (or visibility) will be implemented no later than X. We expect one MM to be operating by Y, another by Z etc. They told us the last time they introduced one, so they could do it again. Until they do, I fear this place is gonna get even worse before it gets better.


  • @NewUser455651 You do that and shut the door when leaving please.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Reading the above, I think people have missed the point of my post. I'm not trying to tell people what to do. Simply to make you aware of the poss effect neg posts may have esp if you have invested in the index.

    Yes people want to 'vent' but considering f.i now an email address, requesting ' feedback' as highlighted in my original post. Might it not be a better Idea to 'vent' where your views might be considered rather than in a forum where other than poss making you feel better for 5 mins, it achieves nothing.

    When you have money invested in the index, posting neg stuff in the forum is akin to having a product you're trying to sell, to make money. and telling the person you trying to sell it to, 'your know what mate its s$%t!'. This is none to bright...

  • @wavelength said in Stop the negative posts please:

    When you have money invested in the index, posting neg stuff in the forum is akin to having a product you're trying to sell, to make money. and telling the person you trying to sell it to, 'your know what mate its s$%t!'. This is none to bright...

    Yep. The CEO of Ratners jewellery once infamously called their product "crap". The value of the group plummeted by £500m and he was of course, sacked.

  • Well this thread's gone down well...

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