Sancho true price

  • With reports coming out tonight that BVD have informed UTD that Sancho transfer deadline for purchase has passed and won’t be leaving this window I expect a price drop, probably small because there is still 3 days left of the window so potential for the transfer happening regardless of BVD statement. If after Monday he is still at Dortmund what price drop/crash do you think will happen to Sanchos price, if any?

  • @NewUser122021 he could realistically get as low as £6 with no move due to the over reaction that is more than likely to happen. I dont think thats his true price i just think thats where it may fall to. I personally think hes worth around £9 staying at Dortmund with the media speculation he will receive over future transfers

  • @NewUser122021

    I think anything over £8 is a reasonable price if he stays.. There will be two transfer windows with media madness over some and also the euros in the next 12 months... He is not one that I am invested in but I can see some good potential returns over jan and the summer if he stays at Dortmund, probably more than if he moves to united in this window

  • No idea about value/price these days tbh but long term, feel like a change to FWD would be necessary to sustain his place at the top of the Index - would be more appropriate too I think in terms of his on-field actions

  • Who knows anymore, how do we value players, how much they will earn in 3 years, over their career or how little someone will take because they want to sell up?!😁

    For Sancho, without MB (which will lessen like Bruno's did) he needs to step up his PB game to be worth more than £5!!

  • No one has a true price anymore, no one.

    For me, Sancho at £15 was a little extortionate to say the least. But, I expect him to jump back up towards this come towards the beginning of the Euros.

    A couple quid has been knocked off his price because the United move isn't happening by looks of things. The rest of his percentage fall is the same reason everyone else has fallen, poor market mechanics(ie sell offer mechanism).

    But, his intrinsic value hasn't really changed, so when the mechanics eventually are in place in a orderly fashion, then that price will correct itself I believe.

  • He shouldn't be any dearer than Bruno.

    But it's dependent on circumstances. If Manchester United sign a stop-gap it could happen in the future. (Perisic / Costa)

    I don't think it will happen ersonally, as we have burnt our bridges with Dortmund but the possibility is still there.

    If the stop-gap is young & a roaring success (Dembele loan) the fans will want us to conclude the deal & Dembele could want to stay.

    That is the doomsday scenario or the full on transfer 😲

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