Top dividend yielders in next 2 years?

  • Who do you guys think will earn most dividends in the next 2 years after euros and World cup

    I'll throw a few names to start off Neymar, Messi, Kane.............Foden?

  • Adam Cole

  • Agree with your throws also for the only reason I baught him after sane injury gnabry gold day magnet

  • Maybe take Foden off the list

  • Kimmich, Sabitzer, Dybala...and possibly Eden Hazard (if he can stay fit for more than a couple of days)

  • @Wiillaah agree with all apart from hazard

  • Next 2 years I think Messi will be streets ahead of anybody else and I dont even hold him. MB is the great unknown, we dont know what its gonna look like and can only really speculate, therefore its next to impossible to say with confidence beyond him

  • @Lloyddavies Foden possibly was a bad example was trying to put a name out there that's not your typical Messi and Neymars

  • @Mr-Richard-T yeh I see that mate but the other names you mentions 💯

  • Defender TAA
    Midfielder Bruno
    Forward Messi

  • @Wiillaah 😹 none of them besides Kimmich will make the top 20 dividend returners

  • @Mr-Richard-T said in Top dividend yielders in next 2 years?:

    Who do you guys think will earn most dividends in the next 2 years after euros and World cup

    I'll throw a few names to start off Neymar, Messi, Kane.............Foden?

    Absolutely none of those.... but Messi has potential to be really good.

    Neymar is £9... is he likely to get £9 this year? Not even if he bought all the newspapers and renamed them the Neymar Times.

    Will there be players who pick up 100% yield... absolutely.

    They will come from the cheap end of the market. Fabinho, Henderson, Chellini, Bonucci, maybe Ramos though his price is probably on the edge of the 100%ers.

    Chiellini... the Juventus captain and one of the best CB's in the world... is 18p on bid. If he gets Star Man on a gold day, he's going to be producing massive yield, that's 28p... which is 155% yield and it's likely that on some days, he's going to be one of 6 defenders in contention. (Single Match Gold Days in the Champions League).

    But, in the current market... there's probably safer holds than Chellini. I think Fabinho is probably the right mixture between safe and high earner, providing he cements himself as the CM for Liverpool. After the World Cup, he'll still only be 28.

    Ilicic looks like a strong candidate too... but I wonder how low his price will drop if hasn't picked up divs in a few weeks.

  • Overall, definitely Messi. He will probably earn the most from matches (I doubt Neymar will stay fit for the season) and should earn a lot from media.

    In percentage terms, as others have said, it will come from the lower end. I've invested in Candreva at 25p, and lucked out with an assist IPD last week. He scored well today without an assist or a goal. Potentially Rakitic too, who ive invested in, and I am not invested in Navas but he is a superb option. So much of Sevilla's play goes through him and although I dont have figures to hand right now, I expect he earnt more from performance dividends than 99.5% of the index. His age puts me off, but he could easily exceed 100% this season.

    Someone like Mee, who is selling for 12p, could easily make value in a match too. There are decent number of players who only need one performance to pay for themselves.

    And Ronaldo should exceed 100% in two seasons. Does well from performance and media and the end of his Juve contract in 2 seasons will probably fuel some false Prem rumours, before he ends his career in Portugal. He is getting worse but Italy is a forgiving league for older players.

  • @Dan-The-Man when Ilicic is back he looks a no-brainer. Although I wonder if Miranchuk will be heavily rotated with him. Atalanta have so many good attacking (ish) options. Miranchuk and Ilicic were not even in the squad for the first fixture but Pasalic and Malinovskiy only made the bench!

  • As @Dan-The-Man points out the highest yielders will definitely come from the 20/30/40p players as any, if not all are capable of a once in a lifetime performance to win PB/Star man & that will, with the new dividends on offer, often yield 100%+ in a single game. That's what makes buying often otherwise totally unwanted cheap players so exciting, each & everyone could be that winning lottery ticket but most weeks they'll be going in the bin!

    Arguably a better strategy is to aim for the consistent, regular performers that possess a game that suits the PB scoring matrix; Mbappe, Haaland, Sterling, Sancho, Foden & numerous other wonder kids are clearly great players in real life & all may generate some MB whether via performance or transfer rumour but the actual top yielders will be those who regularly produce PB numbers that can compete for matchday wins & that will also mean TOTM contention.

    Neymar, Messi, Kimmich, Bruno, TAA, Ramos are the most obvious but those capable of big spikes like Gnabry, IIlic, Gomez, Dybala, Kramaric, Cuadrado, Bonucci will also benefit as they are often cheaper due to their all or nothing type contributions.

    In summary there will be winners across all price brackets & to suit any portfolio but clearly the most consistent will tend to be the most expensive but the cheapest might be the most fun to hold. The "new normal" should mean that these strong dividend winners/yielders hold or appreciate in value & those players whose price is built on nothing but hype & twitter pumping should decline, just like in a proper market, if only FI would take off the artificial stabilsers & allow that to happen.

  • For the prices, I would say the following:-
    GK - Soria
    DEF - Hateboer
    MID - Savanier
    FOR - Lewandowski

  • Malinovskyi, obviously. Whenever he starts playing regularly, wherever that may be. Major PB prospect right in his prime and still improving.

    Gomez will also more than return his price is he stays at Atalanta for another couple of years. Would've returned about 80p if you bought for September!

    Kimmich and Bruno are probably the two premiums I'd trust most. Another two in their prime and still improving.

    There are too many good, capable players at the lower end to mention. And by lower end I don't just mean under £2, or £1.

  • @Geronimo159387 said in Top dividend yielders in next 2 years?:

    Arguably a better strategy is to aim for the consistent, regular performers

    Yeah, I can see the merit to that, but given that Pogba picked up just 2p in PB last season and has seemingly dropped off the boil in terms of MB (according to several posters recently), it feels a little "eggs in one basket". There's something to be said about spreading the risk. Similar to how most would caution about having a 1 player port.

    Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 09.01.30.png

    Note: I've written this data whilst practically asleep so I will need to check it later and maybe do a mid-price/buy-price version but this is the kind of port you could buy for £105 less than 1500 Sancho.... Providing all players were bought at Sell Price (including Sancho), which is how I've bought most of my new signings since the change.

    It's just an example... not a recommendation, as it could prove extremely difficult under the new market conditions to get out of these types of shares.

  • Without illicic being available and fit Gomez at Atalanta is certainly one I think can push close to the top. Don't hold him currently and find myself questioning why I don't!

    Past that's Kimmich and Messi, predictable but true.

  • @Mr-Richard-T Teji Savanier. Cant see him ever leaving France, Deschamps has been singing his praises (although an international call up is very unlikely), but he is the 8th ranked player on Footy Index Scout and can be picked up for around £2. He also looks like someone combined Messi with Neil Ruddock, which if FI will reply to my emails, will become a new dividend category shortly.

    Other than that I can't see past Kimmich. As a very long shot, I'd think Messi as at some point he will leave Barcelona, and if he does the thing of announcing he is leaving at the end of a season(so says this season will be his last) he'll hoover up the MB (and there's still a high chance of multiple PB/MB wins on match days for him)

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